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  • bakedinalready bakedinalready Jan 28, 2013 9:04 AM Flag

    Looking To Short BBY On The Bump-UGAZ Slaughtered-Stay Away

    Gotta scalp this if I can....Also looking to short RIMM here....

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    • Baked, I thought you were in the DGAZ trade like I was... key word, was. I cashed out today. 12% is good.

      I saw powerburn was calling for a 200 bcf draw and then a cold snap. I am going to sit on the sidelines with NG for about a week and see where DGAZ is by then. Hopefully it fades back to 17-18.

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      • Johnson: I have been shorting UGAZ all along. Better to short UGAZ than go long DGAZ because of decay. Decay works in your favor when short. Yeah, they are calling for very warm weather in early February, followed by more cold, and then that will be it. So it might get one more pop. UGAZ will drop a lot after February. If they weren't throttling production of NG, it would be 50 cents.
        If we exported it, we would be Saudi Arabia of NG. Every American would be driving a gold Cadillac. But Dupont, etc., lobbyists bribing Washington to keep prices low so their costs are low. Insane policy!
        Export NG and take burden off American middle class!

    • Bake,

      Be careful when you short RIMM. BB10 come out in 2 days (if I remembered correctly Jan 30, 2013). My friend work at RIMM, and he said RIMM may over $20 in the coming days.

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      • That's the whole idea. Sell "the news". RIMM a dinosaur. They are finished. Did you see it crash this morning? BB10 is old news. It's already dead in the water. I've been scalping RIMM almost every day.
        If it goes up on release day, short it! All "good news" priced in. Chinese cell phone company kicking their @zz. Cheap phones are where it's at now. I'll get the name of the company. Forgot for the moment.

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