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  • duydinh_t duydinh_t Jan 31, 2013 9:18 PM Flag

    jva $7.00


    I un-ignored your posts today. Here i say it. No-one is perfect in this game. There will be days that I feel I make a complete mistake on my executions and have to live with the decision. Overall, I do Ok on my trades. And let's put differences behind and make money together.

    To answer your question about Coffee: Why I buy it? Raw coffee is lowest in history. Currently the has cost=$1.47/Lb, retail=$6.00-$8.00/lb. As margin is improved (estimated up at 9% 2013 from 6.8% 2012). When revenue is at double digits, net earning will look good.

    The company outstanding shares = 6M shares. 4.5M shares float. More than 1/2 of the float shares is shorted. As the sector has good news, the stock will move much higher than the current price.

    Take care,

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    • Duy and group,

      Did they release the earning? Anyone know?

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      • My advice on JVA: Go to JVA board and read posts of "Yogalad". I know him for 10 years. He is very smart. He is short. He is part of a group that only shorts stocks. I used to be with them years ago, but my Yahoo account got deleted, and I lost touch with them. He is short, and he gives his reasons. He says JVA ALWAYS sells off after earnings, so believe him, and don't hold through earnings. He has a lot of money behind him. You may not like his tone, but he is as sharp as a tack and does lots of research. When he is shorting a stock, it usually goes down. Be careful there.
        I have no position, so I am not biased either way.

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