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  • bakedinalready bakedinalready Mar 22, 2013 12:30 PM Flag

    The VIX Is Acting Strangely. VXX Should Be Down A Lot, But Not

    Was positive for awhile even with market up 80 points. The VIX is decoupling from the market. New all time highs, but VIX is rising now instead of falling, as per usual.
    I think they are expecting problems with Cyprus/Europe. Could be setting up for a correction. I am holding short. Can't go long here in this market. The bullishness is out of control. Contrary indicator. VIX tells me something bad is going to happen.

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    • I think it's what I've said in the last days too. People are so sure there will be a pull back, that we have a floor of buyers under volatility related stocks and etfs, waiting to possibly become an avalanche if one of the market uncertanties manifests....

    • I feel the same thing too. Look at VXX and UVXY, they looks strong. UVXY about to go green. Perhaps, buy a small UVXY for the insurance.

      What shorts are you still holding Baked?

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      • I just shorted CRUS. Shorted BBRY & MPEL this morning. Covered BBRY already. Made 60 cents X 1000=$600. You should be looking 2 shorting the pops in BBRY & ANR every day. They drop even in up markets. I have been cleaning up on BBRY. Because of the large short position, it tends to pop on early morning buying, but then drops EVERY day. Money in the bank. Same with ANR/BTU.
        Market is acting very strangely re: VIX. UVXY & VXX normally would be down a dollar each with market up almost 100 points. But VIX has now decoupled from market. I noticed that yesterday, and posted on VXX board, but got no response. No one else noticed. There was an article this morning on CBS MarketWatch about VIX starting to rise, so maybe that had something to do with it, but I think VIX has bottomed for now. It wants to go higher. Short CRUS here if you can. Going to drop Monday. Never holds gains. If you just concentrate on 4 stocks: BBRY, CRUS, ANR, BTU, you will make money consistently shorting the pops. Just watch the trend lines and Level II. Hit them when you see order imbalance/trendline flatten or turn down. Use market orders. Have to move fast when they turn, especially ANR/BTU. Happens in first 5 minutes, sometimes first minute. I have hit BBRY probably 50 times in last 3 months, out of 60 trading days. Only lost twice when Lenovo CEO spoke about possible buyout, but each time, it dropped over a dollar next day, so got that money right back + more. I have found that I do better focusing on the same stocks over & over, rather than jumping around all the time. But I jump when i see something unusual. It's nice to have those 4 to trade daily though, especially. BBRY. That is at the top of my list. Plus, I have fun on that board with the RIMMTARDS:)

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