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  • dannynguyen76 dannynguyen76 May 13, 2013 4:56 PM Flag

    Hey the ADI's board is your..why no one say or discuss anything...

    We want to hear the PRO discuss about ADI...why no one say or discuss anything....

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    • Danny, there are many message boards that have little chatter. What irritates me as a happy ADI stockholder for over 20 years is that you and one or two others use this site to brag, chat, do whatever like you really think anybody cares. Look at your own stats, man! Why don't you guys just email each other? Otherwise your constant posts are like writings on a public #$%$ house wall...we just want to check OUR ADI board from time to time, but find the stink in here is horrible. Flame me if you want, but Danny I'm just trying to explain it to you.

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      • The thing is... It is sooo easy to simply put something in the subject line to let people know that your are talking about ADI and then you wouldn't have to look at one single unrelated post. XCSC1 just did exactly that. And he didn't get one response.... That is why people took over your board. Is it frustrating to you? Yes. In an ideal world it wouldn't happen, but this is a good way for these guys to communicate with each other and I see some valuable information exchanged between various contributors... Something couldn't be done by email. I don't see how anyone is truly being harmed by what's going on....

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