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  • justakidder justakidder Jan 29, 1998 8:56 AM Flag

    ADI and ADSL technology

    Does anyone have a guess as to the potential impact on ADI
    of the recent adoption of an ADSL standard by the baby bells and other industry players? I know that ADI is active in ADSL chip development, but is it a leader in this field and could this become a major contributor to future revenue? There are an awful lot of telephone lines out there just itching for a fast modem ...

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    • LU, NT, ALA had Class-4 & 5 switches that handles all voice, data, and fax traffic. They are active and has already developed xDSL to support RBOCs traffic jams at class 4 & 5 switch level.

      CSCO is a leader in providing high-end (business to business) data traffic using net servers that utilizes ALA's xDSL technology.

      CPQ, DELL, IBM, and PC makers need to incorporate high speed voice, video, data traffic xDSL modems to provide 60 times faster than current fast modems. TLAB provides equipments to RBOCs that can allow them to interconnect all RBOCs switching network infrastructure. PAIR, WSTL AMTX (now purchased by TXN) provides last leg of xDSL to user from RBOCs using LU, NT, ALA switches through TLAB' communications equipment and CSCO's communications servers.

      HAYS used be first company who developed industry's first PC modem (1980!) and now they have developed first xDSL modem for ALA and USWEST communication so CSCO's servers can communicate through xDSL developed modems. HAYS now have develped industry's first xDSL modem for PC.

      HAYS uses ADI's CHIP for making their modems.

      RBOCs and Internet Service Providers (ISP) will need to upgrade or replace their equipments with xDSL technology products that is consistent with RBOCs.

      ALL companies that uses, develops products & provides services that utilizes xDSL technology are just going to great.

      PC makers, modem makers, Internet Services Providers with old 56k modems or 128k modems will ne DEAD.

      Good Luck.

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