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  • rfanalogsystems rfanalogsystems Jul 30, 2001 5:59 AM Flag

    Why analog design is hard--16 points


    (1) constraint solving is the game!

    (2) prioritizing constraints

    (3) identifying the constraints

    (4) "decoupling" {in a big sense}
    onchip functions to minimize dependencies,
    and thus reduce the total constraints

    (5) learning the (50?) many phenomena
    constraining/aiding analog performance

    (6) learning from 10 books of math, so
    the analog designer is able to
    think from the very fundamentals,
    including random-number theory and
    control theory, and being aware that
    cookbook methods do not always work

    (7) aggressively pursuing in-depth awareness
    of strength and weakness of many
    circuit and system topologies,
    and how a topology affects system
    dynamic range; occasionally inventing
    a new topology, as needed

    (8) experienced and skilled
    (there is a difference) in choice
    of modeling approach

    (9)uses software tools and math to validate
    what his brain expects to happen

    (10){to be top-notch} knowing much device
    physics, to exploit nuances of silicon

    (11)pursuing understanding of what customer
    really needs, not just what marketing
    thinks is needed; drives content of
    specifications for products

    (12)guiding content of AppNotes, to support
    first-pass success of PrintedCircuitBoard
    design, thus minimizing the phone calls
    to Apps engineers

    (13)persistently pursuing awareness of
    silicon, circuit, system, and PCB
    needs, so can make efficient tradeoffs

    (14)enthusiastically mentoring, enjoying
    the turnon of lightbulbs in other brains

    (15)leveraging oneself, by gently and
    consistently listening to others,
    identifying misunderstandings and offering
    papers and presentations that upgrade
    organizational skills

    (16)guiding the organization to become a
    high-margin revenue machine, by making
    customers successful, first pass

    In summary, the financial thieves in NYC
    share (with huge bonuses) in the income they

    Excellent analog designers expect the same
    "sharing of the results".

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