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  • greenbudz11 greenbudz11 Jun 12, 2012 6:08 PM Flag

    the cas store is illegal

    $300 loan to payback 1500 within 6 months...thats illegal...all these folks need to be in jail...looked up...and pay everybody they ripped off..

    i'm sc/joe chief stand alone...and i will not rest..until congress wakes up...and i promise will have these people locked up and broke..before i'm done..i give you word...and so does my legal team..

    i give firms and hedgefunds assessments.....i told them all to short this stock to zero......evil must be fought and put out of bussiness....this stock is gong to .0001...and the people behind are going to be behind bars...broke..with over a $20 billion dollar give you word..

    you will know the name chief stand alone....i'm not a wallstreet chief for no reason..