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  • elbart Jan 17, 2010 4:39 AM Flag

    Revenues $37 per share before P&G

    This company (PFSW) has no name recognition. And its online store (ecost) doesn't either.I've been in this stock a long time and I hope it continues to rise but this company can make a golden opportunity fail miserably.How many have ever seen an ad-tv,radio,newspaper anything about ecost. I never have and neither has anyone I know. I have purchased items from ecost and still never get ads from them on my email. If this company handles estore the same, it, the test project will fail. Maybe in texas this company has name recognition but not in the northeast. NY Times had the top 40 online sites to shop, no mention of ecost and a friend of mine ask the girl that wote the article why, it was because she never heard of them. Hope you all make money, I need a double from here to get my money back and I'm out.check out the insider buying. The president of the comp just bought 100 shares at 1.49. That certainly isn't a show of confidence. he's been given thousnads of shares, watch for him to unload as this goes up. good luck to all mick

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    • It's great to read what longtime PFSW holders think. You now represent a resistance point on PFSW going higher. I'm not sure how necessary name recognition is for ecost when partnered with PG. Why didn't you sell when they announced the reverse split? Selling at a loss can be psychologically painful but is usually less financially painful. Please read up on trading strategies and rules to protect yourself in the future! You now have the daytraders' circus in town, I wouldn't be in too big a hurry to sell just yet.

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      • elbart Jan 17, 2010 10:33 AM Flag

        of course now I'm glad I didn't sell at the reverse split and you are right, I have alot to learn. about name recognition-- estore will be the place to visit on line. and it will be owned by pfsw. yes they will have P&G products, but they have sony-toshiba nike rebok etc etc now on their ecost site. that's the one no one has heard of. I just hope the same thing doesn't happen to estore. mick

    • BS

      Look how many Austin has purchased the last 2 years....

      He owns 1700k

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      • elbart Jan 17, 2010 8:09 AM Flag

        I'm referring to mark layton. the yahoo board isn't up todate on insider buying. like i said i hope all longs make money and alot of it, just a word of caution is all i'm posting for. i got screwed on the 5 for one reverse split and am real leary of this co success. i'm taking a chance on recovering my money and that's all. good luck mick

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