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  • pfsw47cents pfsw47cents Mar 30, 2012 3:09 PM Flag

    65 pennies presplit.....amazing

    Some of the biggest POS stocks on the market (with about same # shares presplit) trade higher PPS than this..most over a $1..which would be $6 here. Ff it wasn't so would be funny. As someone else pointed's min ownership of shares is not good..why would wallst buy unless management is willing to own a higher perrcentage of the company? Management's lack of confidence overflows directly to wallst. What a shame considering this in a turn-around mode. But then may be more interested in helping "you know who" get in cheap instead of increasing PPS at this time. I still think there is a high chance they plan to dilute existing shareholders to give "you know who" a large chunk of the company at a cheap price...hope I'm wrong.

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    • End of quarter nonsense today. back over 4 early next week.

    • It seems to me somebody holding the stock down for a good reason. When volume is down, they push the price down as much as they want. If DWRE buy this company, PFSW managment may arrange to stay in the company. They will hold their high salary in exchange for a low price for the company. Hope i am wrong, but i have a bad feeling that they try to screw the shareholder. Company with over $200 million sales and some profit should be worth at least $100 million. DWRE even don't have sale volume like PFSW, but now worth closer to one billion. In the next election, I will not vote for this management.

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      • management has never really made any big bucks on the stock and really only sold stock this past year and you would have to be really messed up to think that management wants to keep the stock down...demandware should make an offer before their lockup period expires since it would be impossible to hedge and keep a massive arbitrage float...perfect timing would be in the next few weeks...only hope is a deal at a trailng average and that may help them want to keep the stock down..on the other side of the coin these layton want to see a $15-20 stock..that is the only way they will make the big bucks...this year they will get shareholder friendly or I am sure shareholders will put pressure on them..

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