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  • lowl22 lowl22 Jan 5, 2013 2:43 PM Flag

    low expectations

    Not one single analyst or investor thinks this company will do more than 3million ebitda in 2013...the bar is so low....this stock is going up and this time i know we will be sold or the shorts will get burned..double digits in 2013!!! by the way thanks for envi made a couple nucks for year end bounce and i love BSX and RGS for the upcoming year..good luck all

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    • Adjusted Ebitda will be more like 6-7mm and Ebitda itself probably 4-5mm. Now what type of multiple does one pay for PFSW? 5x? A buyout in 2013 is 4-5 at most per share. I still believe DWRE buys into PFSW in the low 3's as PFSW will be using cash in 2013 and working capital needs some support later in year.

      If I am correct and a large % of q4 goes away during 2013, then the shares will go nowhere in 2013 from these levels except on takeover rumors.

      I believe PFSW is a pure speculative play now. Operations in 2013 don't support the current price and it really reflects optimism of some corporate event creating value. As soon as company releases forecast for 2013, the absent sellers will take a quick profit or simply sell out.

      I am still waiting to see on the FNP companies. If they are indeed leaving and mgt knew this back at the time of the September conferences, then investors owning/buying shares of PFSW at that time may just seek something in my opinion. We will just wait and see for now.

      What should have been a slam dunk has turned into a speculative takeover play now. With 13mm shares o/s, who is going to pay more than $50mm in 2013 if Ebitda is 4-5mm or even 7mm?

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      • I am sure EBITIDA of 2012 Q4 alone will be between 5-8 million. They will have a similar EITIDA in Q4 0f 2013. I think we may see some bigger losses in Q2 of 2013, but for the entire year revenue will be between -20 cents to zero. The q4 revenue of 2012 should be between 10-30 cents, so cash may grow up to 20 million dollar. Even if they lose 2-5 million dollars next year, PFSW will still have plenty of cash to support its operation. Don't forget, even one or two company may reduce their operation, others will come and fill the gap. They already announce 2 new contracts in November and December.
        DWRE id dropping fast and may go down to $23 until Friday. They have to send their buyout offer as soon as possible. Without PFSW, DWRE will be $11 in three months. I think they will buy PFSW for $80-100 million. Selling in this stage is crazy.
        Bye the way, Cliffbanger, nobody will listen to your advise, you again posting negative stuff to cover your shorts.

    • Buy WSTL, as this company will also be sold this year above $5. Envi is a comeback story and hope the price goes over $2.20, so i can enjoy some profit too.

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