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  • emclu emclu Sep 5, 2008 7:01 AM Flag

    EIX having financial troubles

    Your are right that guy is full of shit. First think is that several million dollars of extra expenses doesn't mean a lot to EIX. However I do believe they are goign to have a problem. They rely heavily on their coal fired power plants at Midwest Generation to provide earning. Recently with the price of natural gas falling the market price of electricity has fallen. I believe their 3rd quarter revenues will fall short of expectations and they will have to revise their earning down. It won't be like they are losing money but when investment firms see the revenues and earing fall back a bit it will hurt the stock more. Their dividend is solid and support the stock but I could see this dividend going to a reyurn of 3.5-4% which could dop the stock to the lower 30's. All though this would robably take a few months. I am also very concerned that they are investing very heavily in capital projects inwhich the return will not be what they expect(windfarms) and other in which spending won't be controlled(scrubber, nox,scr additions). IMHO good luck

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