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  • kestrelenterprises kestrelenterprises Mar 12, 2000 10:43 PM Flag

    Swiss cheese... not Watch

    Okay. Let's start with a fact. What is the number
    one nemesis of nuclear facilities; the most frequent
    and primary reason they get in trouble, shutdown and
    cost their owners (and stockholders) a bunch of money?
    The answer is safety. Now the fact: In 1999, San
    Onofre had more nuclear safety problems substantiated by
    the Nuclear Regulatory Commission than any other
    nuclear plant in the U.S.

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    • INPO - Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.
      INPO 1 is highest rating they give nuclear plants. An
      assessment is performed every couple of years. INPO also
      accredits the nuke's training programs. It's a group
      started by nuke owners in the early 80's to "help" the
      plants perform better and improve regulatory position.
      It's grown into a pseudo police force whose
      "recommendations" are taken every bit as seriously as the NRC's.
      Filled with ex Navy nuclear officers.

    • To be absolutely correct on the SONGS acronym, it is San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station.


    • SONGS is EIX's nuclear generation plant in San Onofre.<California>

    • Whats an IMPO #1 RATING?
      Who has them every time?

    • excuse me for my lack of knowledge...please
      increase it by answering what "songs" are. I'm looking to
      buy this stock, and am just interested in this phrase
      since it comes up often on the board.

      Thanks in

    • Hey Lil Linda, arent you the one who predicted Songs was gonna blow up with Y2K? I'm surprised you have the courage to post here again.....Tricks are for kids silly wabbit :>)

    • There was no legal threat. His comment about
      management(which I don't even care to repeat) is libelous and
      damaging to all shareholders and to the reputations of
      management of EIX. Management has a right to know what is
      being said about them IN PUBLIC and in front of other
      shareholders. A $10,000,000 lawsuit was filed in Feb. against a
      Raging Bull poster who used very similar words to
      describe the management of a certain company. When you put
      words on computers that are damaging, you are 100%
      responsible for those words. You are not some anonymous,
      phantom nickname and you can be identified and held
      responsible for such comments, PERIOD!

    • >Since you are so POSITIVE on your statements

      >about EIX management, I'm sure that you will

      >not mind that I just faxed a copy of your

      >post #659 to the attention of their LEGAL

      >department, with a copy to the CEO. Your
      goes WAY beyond the boundries of
      >libelous. But
      that is your job on this board,
      >isn't it!!

      This is hilarious! Libel does not ensue from personal
      conversations, which is all this message board is. I don't see
      why all of you don't simply rebut RKW's (or anyone
      else's) statements if you think they are inaccurate.
      Personal insults, legal threats, and other diversionary
      tactics simply suggest that you (and I mean you in the
      plural sense, here) are unwilling or unable to carry on
      a rational debate. The ability to participate in
      rational debate is vitally important to any exchange of
      meaningful information.

      Do some of you have a
      personal, rather than (or in addition to) simply financial,
      investment in EIX? If so, better to recognize it, and
      realize it can bias our viewpoint. Sun Tzu said, "Keep
      your friends close, but keep your enemies closer." (I
      think it was Sun Tzu). If you all think that RKW is
      your enemy, then listen to what he says, and try to
      figure out why he's wrong, and then share that
      information with the rest of us. Don't waste the group's time
      with personal insults and specious legal threats.

      The purpose of this board is to discuss the company
      and why one might wish to invest, or not to invest,
      in it.

      <Soapbox mode off>

      away, kids.

    • I don't think so.

      Who would want to buy a
      bunch of overbid power plants. Nobody values plants
      like a phantom stock plan would. Trust me, this will
      never happen under Bryson - would be too embarassing
      for him.

      This stock goes lower, especially in
      an environment where interest rates continue to
      rise. Further, I don't think the real problems have hit
      yet. Management has only begun to lose credibility
      with Wall st.

      The only way I buy into this
      company is when the stock price dips into single digits
      and current management is given the axe.
      Unfortunately, with this cozy board of directors, it is not
      likely to happen.


    • Its clear you know nothing of the
      its rating system,IMPO, NRC guidelines,SONGS track
      record, or anything
      else concerning this company, or
      nuclear energy.
      Why not take a little time, do some
      and get back with us, ok?
      To those of us in the
      know, you are telling us
      you are , well,

      • 1 Reply to modenaro1
      • Seems to be an increase in the yahoo message
        board idiocy factor these days. However, yours sir,
        takes todays prize.

        If you would only check, you
        would learn that your beloved SONGS has been
        experiencing declining NRC ratings. As recently as last
        September, the NRC downgraded the operational ratings of
        SONGS to an "acceptable level" which (as I have posted
        before) is a far cry from a superior level, or even a
        good level for that matter. Why the decline? Why is
        the swiss watch appear to have fallen significantly
        in operational performance (as compared to its
        peers) and judged by the NRC?

        And speaking of
        working like a swiss watch, was there not an "event" last
        April requiring a full operational shut down at

        As most people are aware, the reason San Onofre is a
        "cash cow" is because of the regulatory deal struck by
        Edison and paid for on the backs of the California rate
        payer. It does not have anything to do with operational
        performance. Without the back room regulatory deal SONGS would
        shortly go the way of the Buffalo in the competitive
        market. Something it might me doing anyways.

        MO,is ignorance bliss?


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