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  • ihaveabs2die4 ihaveabs2die4 Jan 29, 2009 10:25 AM Flag

    what is coming

    crack spread will narrow with summer driving

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    • A train named TSO... that's what's coming...

      "Wow, what a stock! Oofda! You betcha!

      It would be interesting to know how many shorts TSO will put in the poor house. Instead of getting on the train and coming along for the ride, the shorts are standing on the tracks screaming that the train is about to derail. But instead of derailing, this train just plows through the shorts, leaving their bruised and bloodied bodies in its path. It didn't want to hurt them, but what do they expect, they were standing directly in its path. When you put your head in a lion’s mouth, there's a good chance that it's going to get bitten off. It's just the nature of the beast.

      Some people say that since the stock has risen so dramatically, it must now go down. If during a drought a lake dries up, and then the rain finally resumes and starts to refill it, does it mean that lake must once again dry up simply because the water level has risen? Of course not. That's just plain silly. This stock isn't rising due to pumping hype. This stock is rising because dramatic changes in the company have made it severely undervalued. It's really just that simple.

      While you can choose to stand on the train tracks and scream obscenities, why not follow the trend (it is your friend, you know) and come along with us for the ride of your life. We'll have a great time. If at times we seem a little over jubilant, it's only because it been such a great ride, and it has no end in sight! We're all good people - we just have differing perspectives - but the facts of this situation speak for themselves. Amazing cash flow. Amazing management with shrewd business savvy. Amazing definitive actions to increase stockholder value. TSO is truly an amazing company!

      Come on, get on the train, there are still plenty of great seats available! I'll meet you in the entertainment car....where the drinks are always on the house!

      All aboard!"

      thank you frostbite from minnesota...

    • yea but they will sell more gallons for the summer season so earnings should be intact!

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