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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Oct 24, 2011 8:31 PM Flag

    After Hours

    That's an awful lot of action for this stock, and you can't go by the close, almost all of the trades were significantly higher till somebody got lucky with a few hundred traded at about 6:17 PM.

    If commodities rise, I don't see how that makes TSO less attractive, the action here is puzzling to this newbie.

    Premiums on options are horrendously high, make perfect sells against shares at these levels. I think I am going to hang around for the next couple months and see where that takes me.

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    • I pulled up the trades on my time & sales system Fidelity ATP, and these were all out of sequence trades. The price was ouside B/A at the time, the exchange is DF (this means it was not done on an exchange, it was conducted in a different market). This is how the Martket Makers post their trades of which is required regardless of the time during the day the trade happened (since they are not on the exchange, the trades do not appear). The price during the day was well above those trades. Why would someone buy at 26.2159, when the ask is 26.05????

      These are the REAL TRADES that took place after hours:

      16:00:00 until 16:01:38. B/A was 25.92/.93. There were several trades between those amounts or a penny over/under with one trade of 61K at 25.94. Then a series of those out of sequence trades, then at 16:22:08 more actual trades went through between the above bid and ask.

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