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  • asidewaysglanceaskance asidewaysglanceaskance Oct 28, 2005 2:44 PM Flag

    An Offer for Bobsled and Vino


    I've been lurking on this board and have a small short position -- about 3000 shares. But I've gotten confused. So I have a thought experiment for Bobsled and Vino.

    I'd very much like to hear Bobsled give the best BULL case for vnx, and hear vino give the best growl that he can.

    Give it your best shot, guys! I need to double up or cover by end of day.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I will save any and all words because that is all they are until the final verdict is out which in this case currently is looking in favor on the bullish side.

    • Flowers will be great, but wait until I cover so that you know just how ghastly my "death" was.

    • Do you want us to send flowers or make a donation to your favorite charity?

      I suggest also that you write your own obituary. Also write something for your clergyman to say at your funeral. This way you may get one thing right this fall.

      Regards to you and your family members.

    • The Oct. 14, 2005 short interest in VNX is 423,301. I'm short 19,000 right now--still probably under 5% of the short interest.

    • I've been preoccupied, sorry 'asideways...', its after the close as you know, so this wont do you much good, but ...

      Out of respect for your fantasy question,

      the 'worst' bear case for bob's side would be that we're all being scammed by management, and that some ponzi scheme is playing us like the finest tune on a fiddle.

      That being said, for anyone who is reading this post, the above is not related to anything factual, just a reply to a fair and unusual question referenced in this reply.

      Nice going TEAM VNX... kick Major Buttkus !


    • There surely has to be much better shorting opportunities in the market place than VNX which is a very thinly traded issue that with any good news will send it into the space but everyone has their approach. Good thing you cover asideways and went long my sense tells me that something good is coming which is going to lift VNX higher. Like I said it is difficult enough to be long a thinly issue such as VNX but to be short is asking for punishment so I find it hard to believe that anyone is really short! Atocha is right in that volume on the buy side rings of good news!

    • I can give Bob's answer:

      VNX looks great today !! It is not in nearly as much debt today as it will be 3 months from now.

      (Anybody ever see "The Producers" with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder ? If not, recommend it highly. Mostel would have provided the above answer.)

    • There is no bull case for VNX at this point, at least for current equity holders. Simply put, the equity's been given away to fund ten years of massive losses.

      I suppose if there is a bull case to be made it would be for the next round of stockholders, but I'm even highly skeptical of that possibility given SHFL's superior IP, product, service, sales, mass, goodwill, knowledge of the business, management depth, reach, and I won't bore you with anymore details.

      Go SHFL!

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