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  • bamalucky777 bamalucky777 Nov 30, 2005 9:50 PM Flag


    All i asked was for him to post last 4 quarters of VNX revenue & then if he still saw a reason to be long VNX i would leave for a month.

    I guess he ,saw,read & sold..

    Smart man....

    Cranman,how can you say past is irrelevant when VNX will be paying for the past in the future?

    They owe,they owe,they owe & you know it...

    9% interest rate on the $5 million they borrowed & it's going like water over the dam & you know it..

    Your optimism is fine,but your head in the sand attitude for all things past is stupid.You know the past is a HUGE impact on the future of this company.

    No matter how high VNX climbs in price,the inevetable is coming...Dilution & you & i both know it..Not once have you addressed this in ANY of your posts.

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    • Sold? You kidding LOL.

      Listen, I'm not some guinea pig that has to do whatever you say. Hence, the post of the past 4 quarters; plus I couldn't have you off this board for a month. I've read the past reports, balance sheets, etc (granted not the best), however, I bet on future results and since I have first hand knowledge of the shufflers and I believe the company is going to make significant strides, I'm putting my money where my mouth is.

      So far I'm up a good chunk of money. Now in the case of Mr. I'm Short 30,000+ shares I'm feeling sorry for ya

    • Bama look, do I have to draw you a map? No, and I have no intention of trying to do the impossible either. Your commentary is interesting, but flawed at best, although I do empathize with your frustrations at not being able to figure things at VNX out. But thats tough! You are the one who has chosen to be beligerantly combative and name calling certainly isn't becoming. So lets just agree to disagree would be the way I'd leave it.

      Now as far as making the connection between the past and the future, I'll simply remind you of the significance of 'talent' and creativity. I'm sure there are many other adjectives that you would prefer, but the enlightening fact is.. you shouldn't judge what you don't know! And YOU DONT KNOW!, in fact are CLUELESS when it comes to recognizing talent, thats obvious. Nor does pjv nor notnu2thegame (who is about to lose our little $500 wager), nor bobshfl nor any number of you very loyal followers of clan SHFL! You have no idea what talent and abilities are at work at VNX!
      So rest easy and just flail away as you will, because nothing either you or I say here will make a tinker's darned bit of difference. (thank goodness)

      Empathy is all you deserve, sypmpathy for your attitude and bull-headedness will come later perhaps. For the record, nothing personal, this is all business.

      Class dismissed,

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      • Me a SHFL fan? Hardly!

        The new management may be quite talented, but they're not magicians. That's where we disagree!

        The best part is that our disagreement will very likely be settled one way or the other over the next couple of years as results come in. I regard the stock price as reflecting investors' collective guess as to what the results will be, not as the final verdict on this matter. Of course, it's not fun to be a short when the stock is surging to new highs, either. :-(

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