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  • bamalucky777 bamalucky777 Dec 9, 2005 11:20 AM Flag

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    If VNX closed for 3 months wouldn't that mean revenues were up 5+ million compared to last quarter..gggggg

    I'd bet cranberryvino would see upside in that...

    Only way this POS will ever break even...

    He likes to post that the past has nothing to do with the future..Don't they have to pay that money back plus interest they borrowed in the past?

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    • I just looked back a few hundred posts,& the first post i read was this one from him...

      Does it appear that he is looking down his nose to anyone else?


      Re: Whats the matter boys, worried abou
      by: cranberryvino (55/M/Longview, WA)
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 12/14/05 10:59 pm
      Msg: 1822 of 2300

      Oh my goodness yes bubba bob.. For your incredible insight and sleuthing ability, you now have earned another 'bye' from my class on Regulation FD. If you'd be so kind as to stand by on a moment's notice call, we'll be in touch with your handlers to make absolutely sure of your availability at the coming Senate testimony on the risks and rewards of investing based on hyper-tormented imaginations. (surely such revelations as you�ve pronounced here will have citizens everywhere demanding them!) Many voters and investors alike are oh soooo keen to hear your testimony.. so please don't go far from your walkie-talkie ok?

      You'll be asked to submit for the record, many, if not all of your previously printed contributions too, so why don�t you take this evening and be a sport.. make 3 copies each of your posts here and on the SHFL chat if you'd be so kind, have them bound for the panel and paginated for easy reference.

      Oh, if you happen to have time while the printer is running, would you do Congress another favor and get in touch with Bama and Briannalee and any of the others whose contributions you think might be helpful for the panel... you know, just to add some sense of continuity to the testimony.. we really want to get it right. If you can reach them, please have them do the same thing, though it will be far less of a job compared to the task you'll have, we trust that they'll all be more than happy to comply with the request.

      You'll be more than relieved to know that I'll have done the same and will finally be so happy to have the opportunity to meet you.

      Just make sure that you get everything in proper chronological order and go ahead and mark whatever pages you think you'd like to have the panel focus on.

      Again, don't worry about the Reg FD class, you've obviously no need to learn a thing.

      So until later, thanks for all of the effort and congratulations. Your fellow investors and voting taxpayers who support the fine institution of the SEC will be so grateful and appreciative.

      with the very 'deepest regards' and humility in the face of such a giant,
      I remain yours with utmost awe,

    • I will take your advise to heart. Our situations are not very similar though, Somewhat maybe, but my lottery ticket has given me almost 35k so far, so as you can see there ia quite a difference in them. I trade for a living and hobby so I do keep my eye on it. But thank you.


    • Since then I have not sold any just continued to buy im ahead enough on it to be able to take a pretty good hit which im not expecting any time soon and still be green. So again thank you, but you neednt need to fret for me.


      I has a very similar situation as you one time about 10 years ago.

      I bought a lottery ticket that was worth $20 while vacationing in Florida,but i waited too long to cash in & it was worth zero.

      Kinda like VNX..Cash in now or when the senior notes & pawn shops get through,there may not be enough for the (un)common shareholder because you know,they get first crack at what is left.

    • Again Pj, I thank you for your concerns for me regarding my vnx holdings. Let me reassure you that I have a very big buffer on it.

      I bought my first vnx in nov or dec last at 1.18 then 1.29 then 1.48 and traded and traded it until the g2. Since then I have not sold any just continued to buy im ahead enough on it to be able to take a pretty good hit which im not expecting any time soon and still be green. So again thank you, but you neednt need to fret for me.

      I on the other hand have to still worry about you . Your way to early to be shorting vnx if short is what you have to do.

      Look at the way it trades look at the time and sales for the last few months, look at the volumn traded at the ask. Imvvho someone knowes something and is accumulating it. Ive been worng befor but i got enough to retire on and i never hold anything untill now......


    • With the company's weak balance sheet, extremely strong, profitable sales occurring right now would be the only justification for the company's current market capitalization. If the company dodges its balance sheet problems, I lose a lot of money. Still, I'm not covering until there's more hard information.

    • Now at snorkel depth - not sure of my break but someplace around 3.15.

      Initially bought years ago @ ~ $5. Naive/stupid to buy when I saw the first prototype shuffler. Worked great in the hospitality suite at Mirage which Casinovations rented during G2E (or whatever they called the show in those days). So long ago - there were even some discussions re Lahti/shfl buying a piece of the company at that time. Met Dick Huson at the time. I figured (wrongly) here's one smart guy with deep pockets....follow the money.
      Well Dick Huson WAS one smart guy, but TERRIBLE as far as personal investments in start ups - he had a guy named Pickel who was overlooking (CEO of Casinovations briefly at one time) 5 start ups in which Huson had invested. To the best of my knowledge, 4 went belly up. VNX the only one still standing.

      The REALLY good news: I did not meet Huson earlier ! Never had a chance to invest in the other 4. (gg)

      Still think (strongly) you should cover. VNX products being placed. Heck I hear (now don't tell bama - he'll need another xanax ) even Fitzgeralds now has working P1 and Random + anchors holding down the tables.



    • 100k+ shares--that's more of a stake on the long side than I have on the short side!

      How are you underwater, considering the dramatic rise in the share price over the last few months?

    • On June 2, 2005, we received a summons and complaint in connection with an automobile accident involving a former employee of the company. The claim was filed in the Superior Court of California, County of San Francisco, and the amount of the lawsuit is in excess of $2 million. We have responded to the complaint and referred the case to our insurance carrier.

    • "i suggest you keep your head in the sand & ignore"
      Good suggestion. We will continue.

      "I will continue to post the tough questions you guys refuse to answer..."
      "Tough" ? To you, obviously yes. To the deep pockets running this Ponzi scheme...all answered months ago.

      There ARE some tough questions; however those you have yet to (think of and) ask. Everything posted here, by yourself and others, has long been answered and factored. We can not help the fact you are unable to decipher the answers.
      btw I will repeat again - I personally do not predict "doom and gloom" for shfl. Still planning to get back into the stock some day.


    • I am the voice of reason.

      A few days ago there was a cheerleader around who was touting VNX,so i asked him to look at the last 4 VNX quarters & post them here..

      I asked him to post his response after doing this & if he was still bullish i would leave for a month...

      Wanna know what happened? He dissapeared.

      I'm just countering the effects of you guys running to the SHFL board predicting doom & gloom..If you don't like my posts i suggest you keep your head in the sand & ignore.

      I will continue to post the tough questions you guys refuse to answer...

      You guys still haven't responded to the paragraph i posted out of the VNX release

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