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  • pjv2xyw9dww4b5 pjv2xyw9dww4b5 Mar 31, 2006 11:52 AM Flag

    decision made

    It's worth less than $2.60 per share. I'm going to put 8k sh. on short sale @2.68. Let's all hope Schwab can find shares for me.

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    • , nt

      being you all talck to himm you probably have no idea what i mean. lolololol


    • O, This scam fu cken as hole has been pumping vex since it was over 4.00, he first bought over 6.00 dosent that give you a glue as to the smarts of this looser? And you all still acknollage him. I would give him him the time of day.


    • You fu ken people are uubelieveable, you all must of gone to the same collage. lolol

      You all talk to cramass as if he had any smarts. i see why my mentor said to stay away from boards. step back a look at what your doing, you fucken assholes.


    • Cran,

      The problem with your assertion that the cash problem goes away is that VNX has in no way demonstrated that it has the ability to achieve the $4 million in revenue that they state is necessary for them to break even from a cash flow standpoint. I have serious doubts that they can make $7 million last for 3 quarters. I concede that the financing they arranged is better than the position they were in prior to obtaining it, but I think they are going to need to go to the well again before the end of the year. They have bought themselves 9 more months to turn the sinking ship around.

    • "Bama / Certifiable",,,from scum man, is the pot calling the kettle black more so than ive ever heard in my life.


    • "Central Leasing" has another name, that is:

      "Central Pawn"

    • What part of VNX is selling less products & spending more money doing it do you not understand.

      You keep talking about the glowing future of VNX yet it just keeps getting worse

      They waste every dime they get.What diff does it make if they get it at 0.00% loan?

      They just keep screwing the shareholders by giving away more shares,options & sweetheart 20% discounted shares to pawn shops...

      When you posted about the better deal you didn't factor in the 20% discounted shares or any of the other things..

      BTW why won't you answer why crack management who lost 17 million deserve 600k in options...

    • Again, you keep demonstrating such incredible analytical ability, and you'll end up singing solo...

      Have fun,



      now that's funny..Solo means 1 right?

      As in you are the only ONE (long) left here..

      BTW here's my all time favorite paragraph from VNX releases


      Since 2003, we have entered into lease financing agreements with Central Leasing on a $3,000,000 revolving facility. In 2004, we sold and leased back most of our furniture, equipment, tooling and shufflers held for rent. In connection with the sale and leaseback, we received sale proceeds of $723,839 and paid $2,042,946 of lease payments for the year ended December 31, 2004 related to 2004 and prior year leases, and received proceeds of $0 and paid $2,129,658 of lease payments for the year ended December 31, 2005, related to 2005 and prior year leases. As of December 31, 2005, we had outstanding equipment financing of $893,244. These equipment leases have terms of 36 to 39 months and were not recorded as sales because each of the leases included a mandatory buy-back provision

    • Hey there Bama, until you demonstrate an ability (even a small one) to read what I've written and acknowledge such, consider this my last response to your babble. I covered your question about the most recent Q4 in post number 2849. Try reading.

      Secondly, on the subject of the balance sheet.
      Again, try reading.... The debt goes from 12 mil to 7 mil, with far better terms. The entire short-term credit goes away entirely. The cash position is strengthened, to a point where further financings will not be needed on the path to cash-flow positive.

      'Niche' must mean something different to you than it does to the rest of the world. The 'Poker One' will be far less important going forward than the Random Plus, at least in the near term. Again, READ !

      But then again, what can we expect from someone who listens to conference calls by using his 'fast forward'... rofl.

      Again, you keep demonstrating such incredible analytical ability, and you'll end up singing solo...

      Have fun,


    • As usual he asks me a question & then says i refuse to answer it..But i did reply..6 minutes later..I ask him many question..He answers NONE.

      Why o why won't he even mention the latest quarter..

      Did i just read that he says that VNX has resolved the "weak" balance sheet..

      One of the stupidest things he has ever said.

      It costs 5 million to sell 1 million..That's beyond weak...& he says its getting better but the 5 quarters he has been around each 1 is worse than the last..

      He wont even acknowledge the Ceo calling the savior poker 1 product a niche product...Before it was the slam dunk profit from loss product!!!

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