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  • pjv2xyw9dww4b5 pjv2xyw9dww4b5 Jul 7, 2006 12:54 AM Flag


    Sub-teach's opinion is that selling short at $1.99 will be much more profitable than buying if you are patient enough to watch VNX's balance sheet fade away. I really see the share price at a nickel or less within 3 years. A short position is not necessarily short-term, although, unfortunately, it is taxed as such--if you ever cover or the company is deemed "worthless."

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    • Although the company continues to expand it's distributor network in the hopes that "something will stick", the share price does not show as much optimisim.

      I think theer is a dead cat bounce or two left in this stock. All based on news - which fortunately VNX is quite liberal with. Based on the previous news releases, I'm sure that one day we'll read a PR that says that they got 10K for the sale of their company van.

      Thanks for the suggestion and you are probably right but I got "burned" pretty bad shorting in 1999 and feel that long plays are a much safer bet. If you've got any suggestions for a viable 'long' play, I would be interested in researching that.

    • Dear Diary,
      Note to self, list of posters to make sure to invite to 'their' bar-b-Q....

      bobshfl, bamalucky, fruitvale, kidecar, pjalphabet, brianaloose, cnoinventor, notnu2butricher, pcblindnumbers, izit_or_isntit.

      Also, make sure to offer a choice of meat. 'short' ribs a must ! and make sure there is 'kool aide' for the severely depressed.

      • 4 Replies to cranberryvino
      • Cranberry, not sure where the "briannaloose" came from, perhaps you could enlighten me.

        I'm still waiting for the responses I requested in posts 3792, 3795 and 3816. Since you have had time to respond to others and ridicule my name, I can only assume that there is NO link for the information I requested since I'm certain you would have smugly provided one IF it existed.

        Re: Cranberry
        by: briannalee37 (37/F/Midwest) 07/06/06 12:48 am
        Msg: 3816 of 3848

        I wouldn't rate his response(s), or more correctly non-response(s) so highly. He still hasn't responded to the questions/points I made in posts 3795 or 3792. Why do you suppose that is? I think you already know.

      • cran - you have been consistently wrong with your cryptic messages of your "inside" information. If there is going to be a barbeque, chances are it will be you on a spit with your former "clients" turning it to make sure you brown on the correct side. There are only 3 explanations as to why you and Charlie can still come on here with your pompous attitude
        1. you two own those penny warrants and have been selling this decline
        2. you guys both drink too much
        3. you are not all there or are masochists. I can only imagine what you have hidden in your closet and if it is leather or lace.

        I'll leave it up to everyone else to pick which one is the correct answer.

      • "and make sure there is 'kool aide' for the severely depressed."

        Which is why I will pass on your offer of vintage vino when I WIN our bet this month. I never accept candy (Kool-aid, or bath-tub hooch) from strangers.

      • Teach, why did you begin misspelling the names on your guest list with MY name? How insulting to my grandvater pjv2xyw9dww4b5, Sr., after whom I am named! (My formal name is pjv2xyw9dww4b5, III.)

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