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  • fruitvale3067 fruitvale3067 Aug 18, 2006 2:20 PM Flag

    Already made more profit...

    in three days investing in ZVXI than I did in two weeks with VNX. Actually I shouldn't be surprised, lol.

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    • Hi daddy.

      Go SHFL!

    • On behalf of my idiot son, I wish to apologize for his atrocious conduct here. I will soon take back all of the seed money I gave to him to "start his own business". He can become a greeter at the Glenview or Niles Wal-Mart.

      Go SHFL!

    • Can anyone remind me how many quarters ago VNX was supposed to show a profit? This according to the "C" girls that is.

      Also can anyone remind me how many quarters ago VNX was supposed to start taking shuffler market share away from SHFL and eroding SHFL's margins in the market? This also according to the pathetic "C" girls. (LOL)

      Go SHFL!

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      • Hi Bob,
        Now don't faint dead away when you read this, but as you correctly point out, those of us who follow the trials and tribulations of VNX here, and for whose opinions I know you hold such respect, were actually looking forward to Q4 '05 and Q1 'o6 to be a significant turning point. For reasons that are worthy of discussion (if and when you ever were to actually be openminded enough to partake in, as opposed to your normal style of simply being a 'anything that looks like it might be a possible threat to shfl' - basher), those expectations ended up being a bit too optimistic.

        I have no idea whether you've had an opportunity to review the content of VNX's most recent conference call. If and when you do, and would like to then discuss your question as to the history, current status and future expectations of VNX's shuffler business, please feel free to respond, and I'd be delighted to help you put history and current events into proper perspective.
        Best regards as always,
        oh, and just so you know... that 'peace would be a wonderful thing' gathering at the Redrock which HC is offering to host. I'm planning on partaking, and would like you to know that I'd look forward to having you join us. I'm hopeful that pj and charlie and any of your old shfl gang that would like to make it, would feel welcome too.

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