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  • cranberryvino cranberryvino Nov 18, 2006 12:47 AM Flag

    thank you

    Having just returned from this year's G2E convention, I am more positive than ever about the future of the company and very glad to be invested in your capabilities. To all of the employees and management of Vendingdata, many thanks.

    To those shareholders who may not have had the opportunity to meet and talk directly with those who are working to build your shareholder's equity, my opinion is that you are in very good and capable hands.

    To those who have other motives for reading these words, well, you can rest assured that although there are indeed many comics currently unemployed, your continuing attempts to entertain are appreciated.

    Best regards to all,

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    • Just couldn't resist. Just listened to the GPIC CC and comment made concerning backlog orders for 2007. The CEO stated he was not worried about orders for 2007. However he did say the only thing he was worried about was production capacity, lol.

      You should listen to it. Pay particular attention to the opening of the RFID market in the US comments and how no one else is licensed to sell RFID chips on systems manufctured by the alliance with SHFL, IGT and PGIC. Game, set, match for the US market.

      Then come back and read Cranberry's post about the bright future of VNX.

    • Cranberry, I only have one question and one comment in regards to your post.

      Question: This so called crack management team said 9 months ago that the company expect to be profitable by the forth quarter 2006. Well we are already a month and a half into that 4th quarter. Since you spent so much time with management at G2E you should have some idea as to what the 4th quarter looks like. I'm not going to corner you and ask for arevenue and earnings guess. Just a simple yes or no. Will this company be profitable for 4th quarter 2006. Don't give me that crap about doing you own DD into the company either. You want people here to invest and you don't offer
      any reasonable facts to back up your comments.

      Now for the general comment: I say the company does not turn a profit for the 4th quarter. I say this based on my own dd. Again there is not another major Macau casino opening for at least 4 to 6 months, which means at least one and probably two more bad quarters. With no major Macau casino openings, hence no sales of shufflers and no sales of RFID chips or Plaques it looks bleak. Tell me where I went wrong. Finally, this now looks like VNX is going to be entering it's third year of the turn around story of 2005.

    • Pj,

      It was a pleasure meeting you too and I will certainly respect your wish to remain passive.

      I do think VNX needs to issue another correction concerning your most recent finding. I'll talk to some people who might know better how to go about making this happen. It will have to wait until after Thanksgiving.

      Go SHFL!

    • Well Hank, I'd really like to know how many shares you receive from VNX for each 1K shares you con people into buying. We all know by their balance sheet that they certainly can't pay you cash for your services. I think those of us that read this board should be informed of this information.

      • 1 Reply to briannalee37
      • Excellent point ms BL. Unlike you, I believe in full disclosure and will compare ethics with you any day, but not in public. (to save you the embarassement).
        Even bobshfl displayed his cowardice at the recent G2E in refusing to meet in person with one who is all to willing to call him on his bs face to face! You two make quite a pair. But fret not, just keep popping those 'stupid' pills or vanax or whatever you have, and you'll eventually feel better.

        Thanks for the laughs :)

    • >>Having just returned from this year's G2E convention, I am more positive than ever about the future of the company...<<

      What a fraud.

      It's been pointed out to me that VNX is recommending its share base be expanded to 70 million shares. What a joke. And this for a company with revenues that most newspaper stands exceed by several fold.

      When you write you're "more positive than ever" could you clarify what you mean? Do you mean that a year ago when you were convinced that their new shufflers would knock the cover off the ball, create margin pressure on SHFL, and take market share from SHFL that you were not positive then of this prediction? How could you have been so wrong that time but so "positve" and unhesitating in your optimism this time around?

      You're a joke, a fraud, and a scammer all rolled into one, and anyone who is suckered into going long this company based on your "positive" projections can't say they were not warned that your track record is more full of holes than VNX's balance sheet. How many quarters have you been telling us VNX was on the precipice of a turn around? You're a joke as an investor and would be a failure as a tarot card reader as well.

      Tell us why don't you how a company as reviled in the industry as VNX is how you see them introducing biometric technology to enhance chip protection when they haven't even shown they can intorduce a shuffler that works, much less an RFID chip that they can make money on.

      By the way, Scammer, the numbers speak for themselves and much more convincingly than your consistently wrong projections. VNX has lost something like $80 million dollars attempting to create a shuffler to compete with SHFL. All your smarmy words to the contrary don't contradict the numbers no matter how "positive" you sound when spinning them.

      You know better than anyone that VNX is a Ponzi Scheme. A Ponzi Scheme that uses the promise of new products --be they new and improved shufflers, or new RFID chips, or biometric chips-- in their never-ending pursuit of raising additional capital to line the executives oily pockets.

      What a joke, and a scummy one at that.

      Go SHFL!

    • "To those who have other motives for reading these words, well, you can rest assured that although there are indeed many comics currently unemployed, your continuing attempts to entertain are appreciated."

      Time will tell who laughs last ...There are many of us who find YOU somewhat entertaining as well - so thank you too for your continued reign as VNX's Pollyanna.

      Any predictions for VNX's next quarterly report?

      -- Sell the Automotive division which is the ONLY profitable manufacturing division in VNX?

      -- Have Management turn tricks with visiting Red-hat ladies on the side to help maintain VNX cash flow?

      -- Burn the furniture to keep warm and save money on the heating bill in the corporate office?

      -- Get completely sucked into an Asian technology company and take what's left of VNX private?

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