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  • pjv2xyw9dww4b5 pjv2xyw9dww4b5 Nov 21, 2006 3:54 PM Flag

    caveat emptor

    My conclusion from the presence of the Adverse Disclosure language is that Vendingdata has weaknesses that are not public knowledge, ones that might scare away potential equity investors, and which Vendingdata would prefer not to reveal in a registration statement. I do admire Vendingdata's lawyers for getting the Adverse Disclosure language into the document and feel pity for anyone considering making an equity investment in Vendingdata.

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    • Oh Brother----PJ you must think an aweful lot of yourself. All by yourself you out think an entire team of corporate lawyers. WOW Tell you what--hold onto all of your short shares---don't sell even one if you think you know it all. Just have you sit there quietly for awhile-when the pain gets real bad as VNX flies and your fortunes dwindle to nothing--remember back to when you thought you were smarter than all these lawyers. Oh and let us not forget the "PRESENT" VNX MANAGEMENT TEAM Have you ever met any of them--NOO? Called them on the phone and asked questions?---NOOOO? Didn't think so.

      That also pops up the FULL DISCLOSURE QUESTION--just what is your real motivation. Are you trying to make VNX stockholders doubt thier positions to help your short. Are you a paid shill? Just what is your story?

      My Full Disclosure is the same as CranMan's. See you---I have better things to do.

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      • At lease PJ is doing his DD homework. Are you?

        Here's some questions for you:

        -- Prior to his post, were YOU aware to the content of these SEC documents (addendums) that were posted to Edgar just 6 days ago?

        -- Do YOU have a more logical explaination as to why VNX felt compelled to include that particular language in their 10Q?

        -- Instead of attacking a poster who constantly posts information quoted directly from VNX's public documents (with a link for verification) , why don't you refute the questions he raises directly with substantiated data of your own?

        Your post contains noting but noise- no factual substance whatsoever. it was a waste of bandwidth.

        PLEASE, if you have a different interpretation of the document - SHARE IT and use specific instances and explainations backed up by VNX or respected 3rd party documentation and be sure to include a link to your source.

        Because at the end of the day we are all looking for new facts about the company's that we are invested in and want to make a profit on our investment - period.

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