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  • kidecar kidecar Nov 30, 2006 10:23 AM Flag

    PGIC/GPIC Expanded Agreement

    Looks like VNX is not going to get into the US chip market since PGIC has the Magellan Master Gaming License

    AND because if the PGIC/SHFL/IGT agreement, it will be hard for VNX abroad too.

    Oh well, there's always chip washers....

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    • It's time for the pompous pansy, a/k/a ScamMan to start his pompous phase.

      Enough time has elapsed since VNX announced their latest shit quarter, and there's enough time left before they're to announce their upcoming (or should I say upchucking?) quarter to allow the pompous pansy the luxury of prancing around like a fat tart drunk on cheap wine.

      Of course time is not on his side as the next quarter will have to be announced sooner rather than later and it's then that he goes into his hibernation phase pretending nothing's changed. And, of course, he's kinda right. Nothing much has changed. Like clockwork every quarter VNX announces another resounding failure as predictable as the sun rising in the east. (Of course the Pompous Pansy thinks the sun rises over HIS house.) But our investment IQ is not as dumbed down as his. We all know that with every passing quarter and every passing loss VNX gets that much closer to the long awaited bankruptcy. When that happens the Pompous Pansy will disappear for good. That will be a happy day indeed.

      Go SHFL!

    • ScamMan,

      A little hint for you for your future investments. A spiraling out of control share base, coupled with ballooning losses, combined with shrinking revenues and escalating expenses is not considered a good investment by anyone with an investment IQ above 37. 37 might be stretching it in your case, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt.

      Go SHFL!

    • >>...reminds me of the sound of the chilly winds that howl this time of year...Well, those winds have little effect as I relax in the soothing comfort of the hot tub....Ah, the poetry of nature!<<

      Someone tell me I'm wrong when a long time ago I nicknamed this jerk the "Pompous Pansy".

      Go SHFL!

    • ScamMan,

      Are you drunk, or did someone slip some adic into your aperitif, or both?

      Also, whoever told you you were clever was lying. You were just too stupid to realize it.

      Go SHFL!

    • You speak with such confidence pj.... reminds me of the sound of the chilly night winds that howl this time of year... promising and threatening to freeze you to the bone. Well, those winds have little effect as I relax in the soothing comfort of the hot tub...even when its well below freezing. Ah, the poetry of nature! Gotta love it :)
      Cant you just smell those warm balmy summer breezes now?

    • Yes, the common shareholders will not be walking away from the debt without suffering some consequences. The details--whether there will be an official bankruptcy filing or issuance of preferred stock or more common stock, perhaps diluting the current common by 98% or so--will be unveiled in 2007.

    • I thought CBV said that with new management team in place it already IS a different company, one that will be profitable...well, you know, next quarter.

    • There won't BE a VNX in 2008. After the Elixr merger it will be a totally different company.

    • And shreds all of its shareholders as well.

      Go SHFL!

    • I think that Vendingdata will become profitable in 2008--after it sheds most of its debt.

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