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  • pjv2xyw9dww4b5 pjv2xyw9dww4b5 Dec 19, 2006 2:26 AM Flag

    Something worthy of note, particularly

    "My advice... you and bob and cno and pj need to stay long your beloved shfl and ..."

    You don't know me very well, do you?

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    • Agreed PJ, Cranboobie, another mistake you just made is thinking I am long SHFL. You are never going to get it through your thick head that they are no longer competitors because VNX could not compete and went off to what they hope to be pastures with less manure. VNX's competition is now GPIC.

      Great research you do. Good thing your clients don't know how to turn on computers.

      • 1 Reply to cnoinvestor
      • cno, its 'YOUR' research that fails the test. When it comes to the value of reasearch, I think you would agree that it is research that relates to the 'FUTURE' that is valid. As far as your view in that direction, i suggest that you have precious little talent. Keep your eyes open and you'll understand. As to whether you own shfl or not... let me check and see if I care..... lol

    • PJ, I dont know how you could expect him to know you. Just look at his last letter again, he sounds like a 10 year old with an english degree. No sence, just grabing at anything, slashing in the dark not saying anything worth anything.

      We have heard all this kind of bs from him for 6 years. Hes been wrong for 6 years about every stock he has picked, you would think that the laws of average would let him be right at least once but so far he hasnt and with all the "facts" related here pertaining to vnx i think hes gonna be wrong again.

      The more that i read of his writings the more im not sure weather he is being paid by vnx to pump it or if he really is as stupid as he sounds here.


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