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  • corticalchatter corticalchatter Aug 4, 2007 8:49 AM Flag

    PJ, last post re vwpt

    Agree that this thread should be reserved for VNX related issues. Just wanted to alert you guys to vwpt.

    In summary they have always had great technology. Previous CEOs have been unable to monetize the tech. They have a really good guy at the helm now. Vogt was previously at Sony and Dell and increased revs multifold at both. I think this guy's next stop is as CEO of a Fortune 500 company. Has 2 years left at vwpt.

    In a recent webcast 8/2, Vogt says his goal is to turn vwpt into a "200 million" (revenue) dollar company. If he reaches half that goal, vwpt will be a double digit pps. Upcoming earnings should be very interesting as vwpt has recently rounded out their rich media package (previous CEO Amato was concentrating on other avenues and, in some folks'opinion including mine and some previous BOD members, would have driven the company into bk if Vogt had not taken over the helm; on his watch the company has been converted into a internet rich media company.) and now to quote Vogt from 1st Q CC "the time is here to sell, sell, sell".

    Auto and housing markets sure aren't helping, but again Vigt reiterated 2 days ago the "200 million" number.

    (Kidecar, the fact the a penny stock pps makes wild swings is par for the course - look up the vwpt swings last 4 years.)

    So the question is: can Vogt do it ? Liquidation price of company ~ 1.00 - 1.20 so frankly I think there is little risk buying at these prices.

    OK Charlie, no more re vwpt. If you go to their thread, some of the most knowledgeable posters are titans of jazz and michael tzez. (If someone really interested, ask Mike to join the private yahoo vwpt bb which he, Mike, set up.) Just within last few weeks there have been some additional knowledgeable folks posting. We are all awaiting 2nd Q results and CC which should yield some significant light (hopefully positive) re whether Vogt is going to be successful.


    ps: vnx $5 - $10

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    • I appreciate the tip and wish you good luck with VWPT.

    • <<"Being quite conservative in investing,"

      Now THAT's good for a laugh for someone who was/is shorting vnx.>>

      corticalchatter, I was chuckling to myself a little while slipping that in for your entertainment!

    • "Being quite conservative in investing,"

      Now THAT's good for a laugh for someone who was/is shorting vnx.

      Certainly an oxymoron for anybody who even LOOKS at the gpic's, vnx's, shfl's, and vwpt's of the world.

      Strongly recommend for any really conservative investor: just buy BRKA. Boring. Very boring. All it does is make money. (Sure it will take a temporary hiy when WB is gone, but considering all the cash cows in the corral the only way BRKA will crash is if the country crashes.)

    • I'm watching VWPT and appreciate the lead, corticalchatter. Being quite conservative in investing, I haven't bought any yet. It is quite interesting, and if its price swoons any, I may buy some as a speculation.

    • Sorry. Hard to keep track of the hourly fluctuations. My bad.

      I'll take the recommend off the table. vwpt will fly with or without you aboard.

    • no different than VNX's SEC filings. What's a few mistakes in rounding and percentages among friends.

    • Interesting analysis and background info. Thanks!

      I'll keep VWPT on my RADAR and look for an entry point that I think/hope is "wild-swing-proof".

      Personally I son't see any problem discssing any stock on a message board if there is nothing substantial to discuss re: VNX. Having said that .. politics, religion, BS, etc falls outside of what I would consider relevant investment information.

      We are not really on opposite sides of the fence because at the end of the day, we're all here to make money in our own way, right? We just choose to do it differently. That does not preclude the act that we may be competely in sync in the way we view other stock investment opportunities. Out of respect to you two VNX

      Even though I don't agree with you guys on the long-term prospect for VNX, you have both certianly been right so far this year. I've also made some pretty good plays this year.

      We can all learn from each other.

    • Hey Cort,

      I agree with just about everything you said on VWPT. I was only trying to get PJ to stop the VWPT copy/pasting for if I was interested in that I would jump to the VWPT board. VNX is working on being a very interesting company in itself. The VNX $ 5-10 sounds good for short term--could we start to see that Monday please. Hopefully everyone got thier bargain basement shopping done Friday.

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