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  • stockphobic stockphobic Jun 24, 2011 4:26 PM Flag

    This is pathetic under valued company

    This is pathetic under valued company. Such a shame, the management doesnt even care to anounce any news or progress on new projects or WUD numbers on a monthly basis.

    No news, no one buying this stock.

    One day every one will forget the ticker and the company...

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    • jssurfer,

      Your words are consoling. But this one hurts a lot.

      It keeps hitting this non sense price level all the time.

      I can't see this stock trading under 0.30's.

      This is so annoying. It's so much under valued here. I dont know what is driving this stock down all the time.

      God please dont let us down. Almost most of the stocks have recovered significantly from the recession. But we are still deeply mired in 0.20's

      Is the company hiding any thing from us?

    • 'No one is buying this stock'

      You just said in another post you bought 15,000.

      I think your trading philosophy has a small flaw

    • very true----it will be worth holding in the future----how long that wuill be---1-4 yrs--does one have the patience

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      • i am really irritated with this non sense. All my money is locked with this. This non-sense is not even putting up a decent show.

        Not that i need the money. If some thing keeps moving up gradually and slowly, we can hold with hope it will be worth more in the future.

        But this one keeps coming back to 0.20's all the time.

        This should be worth more. i know that many will dis agree with me. this is worth over a dollar given that it is a small float.

        12 million dollars EBITDA
        15 million dolalrs CASH by now

        New projects in pipeleine.

        Naga World in fire on all cylinders..

        We should be over 1 dollars.

        Even MPEL has moved from 3 dollars to 12 dollars in last 1 years.

        Look at MPEL staock chart. It has Quadrupled in 1 year.

        It is trading near 52 week high and wants to go higher.

        I feel like banging my head some where. I dont have words to say how frustrated i am with this stock.

        Over 550,000 shares locked with this stock.

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