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  • jssurfer jssurfer Mar 22, 2012 1:40 PM Flag

    hey kide

    how many aliases dose that stokphobic have? its like 7 out of every 10 are his posts but under diff. names!!!! the guy is a jerk and its beginning to annoy me, how do you use the ignore functioon; I give up already....
    this may not see the thirties again, but Its not going to a buck anytime soon and thats for damnn sure!!!! whish he'd stop the bs hype. that will loose us investors.

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    • To use Ignore, open a post by a user who's post you no longer wish to see and click on the "Ignore User" hyperlink on teh right-hand side of the window under the profile and avatar (if any)...not this remoces ALL of the posts by that user - not just THAT post.

      You can turn the ignore feature off/on by going to the "Message Board Settings" in the upper right-hand corner of the window.

      Ignore filters a lot of useless cr*p from the board and leaves you with the information you need to help with your buy/hold/sell decision.

      Good Luck.

    • I think the next news to move the stock will be the news about the soft open on Tuesday. The news will probably hit on Monday.

      Normally it would be priced in already, but I think there are a lot of investors that don't even know about this one. The news about a casino opening will be huge.

      I don't believe it will get to 1.00 until we get a better idea of what the earnings will be from these casino's.

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