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  • mikehunt84010: You are so correct about the goodwill and bad accounting. I simply refuse to buy any company that has much "accounting goodwill". I can't understand why Wall Street is not more suspicious of the serial acquirers that do not seem to care what they pay for a business. I guess they simply worship the god of growth and don't care how it is accomplished until it blows up.

    Do you have any stocks that you do like now? I would be interested in looking at them if you do. Thanks.

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    • I usually don't make recommendations since it always seems to backfire. The trouble with this market is that so many stocks have been beaten up it is hard to pick em. You seem to know what you are doing so I doubt my advise would be any better. What I do every day is review losers and winners on yahoo, read the WSJ and review selected earnings reports for my ideas. I've recently decided to specialize in the biotech industry since the area has fallen out of favor again. Biotechs are either land mines or gold mines. Also, medical devices. Like the areas because of patent protection. I am mostly cash right now but ahead for the year on short term trades. In my small roth I hold several thousand shares of kdus.ob. The latter is the best value I know of but may take some patience. I traded it a couple of times in my roth last year and when it gets below 1.10 I buy again. This time around its a keeper. Good luck.

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      • mikehunt84010: Thanks for the reply. I don't often give advice either for about the same reason. What I will do occasionally is to tell someone what I own and why, but I don't tell them to buy it. If they are interested, they are welcome to look at and decide for themselves. I very briefly looked at kdus.ob and it is not my cup of tea. My sphere of competence does not include biotech or medical stocks. Out of curiosity, you may want to look at two that I own a lot of: FLXS and ITIC. You may not like the furniture or title businesses, or you may not think they have good futures but these companies have no accounting goodwill or debt. And like NPK the businesses are primarily financed by earnings retained in the businesses over many years. I don't do new issues or even recent issues because you have no way of judging the track record, judgement, and integrity of management. Nobody likes the title insurance companies because they insist the economic recovery is coming and interest rates have to go up, and that will kill refinancing. I don't really have an opinion on that except to say that they have been saying the same thing for years and they have been wrong for years. But like Abby Joseph Cohen and Joe Battipaglia, just because you have been wrong for several years now, doesn't mean that you are not an expert.

        Finally, I am glad to meet someone who reads the Wall Street Journal. I scan the quarterly earnings report in the WSJ everyday. I knew there was something radically wrong with the stock market and the economy when I noticed the many companies that reported quarterly and annual losses bigger than their revenues. Three years after the bubble was pricked, it is still going on. Why are these companies still in business? Why are they public companies? Because they could get the public's money to lose instead of their own. The process of rationalizing the economy and especially the stock market will go on for a long time. Please excuse my extended rant, but it is the way I feel.

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