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  • pmlljl pmlljl Jan 12, 2004 9:07 PM Flag

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    no slapps: You must not read very much of the financial press because it is well known that many companies have increased their dividends this past year(2003). I personally own some NPK in my IRA but most of it is in my taxable account and I am sure many people own it in taxable accounts, including the most important holders, namely, the COHENS. I suppose you live in no-tax land but I pay a lot of taxes almost every year. Maybe I could hire you as my tax adviser. Oh, and by the way NPK made a new high today. For someone who you think is so ignorant, I must be doing something right. Keep your words soft and tender, you may have to eat them.

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    • pmlljl, many companies increase their dividends every year. So what?!

      Were the percentages or amounts of increases high compared with previous years? No.

      As for the vehicle in which the Cohens own their NPK shares, well, I would bet a good portion of their holdings are in a tax-free environment.

      As for where I live, I live in New York City, enduring the highest tax rates imaginable.

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      • no slapps: The Cohens probably acquired their stock more than fifty years ago when there was no such thing as a tax free account. And since they own about 35% of the stock, it makes sense that they would be sensitive to taxes. Now, since you charge that they run the company for their own personal benefit, why not pay out large dividends when it is to their tax benefit? I didn't claim that they were doing it for me.

        Secondly, you are wrong about the number of companies that have started paying dividends and increased dividends in the past year. I can't cite the statistics right offhand but I will look them up in Barrons so you will have to face the facts.

        As for where you live, NYC, that explains why you are so hard headed and combative. I live in southern California. How is your weather? It was 85 degrees here yesterday. Have a nice day.

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