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  • vpg1720 vpg1720 Apr 18, 2013 2:22 PM Flag

    Hopeful _AAPL Question

    Hi Hopeful, I was wondering if you see AAPL as a buying opportunity under 400? I know you used to say that you gauged the US macroeconomic health by how well AAPL was doing. Do you see it as a buy? TIA

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    • I think it's getting there.....but there's too much volatility in the broader market indices to jump on yet.....for me. They need an earnings surprise to reverse course. Without a surprise, I think it will get beat up more. The stock is clearly starting to get into undervalued territory, though, IMO. With long term investments included with cash and cash equivalents, they have (I can't remember the exact number) well over 100 bucks a share in monetary assets....seems like about 140/share. They have no debt and the divi looks pretty good and could easily get raised. The PEG is ridiculously low unless projected numbers get ratcheted down. So, it looks good on paper's on my watch list....IMO.

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