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  • cherk_on cherk_on Nov 4, 2013 8:12 PM Flag

    PC Magazine Review of Verykool S470

    Reviewer tested the phone in New York. Perhaps a clue that sales in the US is starting to take off?

    Review Date: October 31, 2013

    "For about $230, the Verykool S470 is a decent Android smartphone and a good unlocked replacement for a
    broken one. Our Editors' Choice for unlocked phones is the Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition, but at $650 it's in a different league. The S470 isn't fast enough for graphically challenging games, and it doesn't have LTE, but it has a pretty good screen as well as a pair of SIM card slots for versatility. It's a good deal for an unlocked phone, now that the Nexus 4$350.98 at Amazon has gone by the wayside and phones like the ZTE Nubia are too expensive for what you get.

    Still, we can forgive some faults when you're getting this many features at this low a price. If you're looking for a well-built Android phone that'll go well with a prepaid plan or as an off-contract replacement for a busted device, as long as you aren't looking for LTE support, the Verykool S470 is it."

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    • I bought one a month ago and love it! Great phone. Rugged! I have dropped it several times. Buy the stock and buy the phone!

    • It looks like it's too soon for US sales. There's no mention it in the PR except the US distributors selling to the neighbors to the south.

      In my opinion, IFON remains undervalued at breakeven and a share price of cash + 3/4 receivables.

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      • The s470 was announced on 9/12/13 and the s400 was announced on 10/17/13. I think both of them have good potential in the US prepaid market. With reviews like this one from PC Magazine, they might start to gain sales traction on sites like Amazon and Ebay even without much marketing effort. Imagine if they get added to the AT&T or T-Mobile site, or gets a distribution deal with a major retailer like Walmart as some have suspected here.

        The bottom line is that the veryKool brand now has a proven track record in terms of revenue, technical specs, and volume with four consecutive quarter of record unit shipments.

      • It's impressive that they generated this level of sales on verykool without US sales being a factor yet, Kip. Imagine what they can do if they get the US cookin'.

    • Pretty impressive attention for a company trading around .70 a share and well below liquidation value!

    • lundabo Nov 5, 2013 2:07 PM Flag

      Actually, there are quite a few positive reviews of the S470 phone now available on the internet. Reviewers like the solid feel, the good screen, the decent speed and the features. They don't like the fact that it is not LTE enabled, nor does it have capacity for fast data outside the US as it has limited formats. For the price point, however, they acknowledge that some features had to be omitted. Overall positive, but with Samsung and Apple trying to fill the lower market niche, is not clear what the demand will be for this phone going forward.

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