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  • hopeful200 hopeful200 Dec 27, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

    just added in mid 1.40s

    did not expect pullback so fast....but hope it was right to take advantage.

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    • This enormous rally yesterday came to early. Its not normal to have such a huge rally without any news on that day. If they report good numbers in March i think it is Rally time :-) but for now it is dangerous to pick up shares for long term. Change is big you can get them within a week or so at lower prices than the prices we see today. This stock is very actively traded. As soon as the numbers are a fact there are no barriers anymore.

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      • Yes. Even in Infosonics hay day as a distributor, it always took a quarter showing growth to see the massive spikes that we did.

      • My opinion does not agree with your opinion. If you follow the sequence of events, the rally yesterday is more than logical. You have put your opinion out there and I'm laying mine out too....let's see what actually transpires since we aren't exactly seeing it the same. Here goes my sizing it up:
        -the company had a decent 3rd quarter and experienced a brief runnup....check it out...ran up to .90 several times but could not break through the resistance there.
        -profit-taking took over and the stock fell back, purging old hands, IMO, because we didn't break the buck level and delisting remained a viable threat.
        -the delisting date of Dec. 9 came and stock remained at .70ish with an almost certain feeling in the stock price that delistment would occur
        -on Dec. 18, a mega announcement that will likely revolutionize IFON's business came out about the IM deal. The stock charged to .90 again, but could not penetrate resistance. IMO, delistment dominated the significance of the deal announcement.
        -on Dec. 19, sanity kicked in that the news might counter delisting since IFON had a strong case with NASD....price broke through a buck
        -the stock closed right on a buck for the next 2 days as short tried to hold the line and force delisting or a reverse split to stop it
        -following day, we close cleanly through a buck again....yesterday we are off to races.

        IMO, we just experienced a delayed effect to the big IM news due to the threat of delisting bring about a turnover of share ownership. However, the cause for the runnup yesterday (IM) is real and I believe gives IFON prospect of a turnaround future.


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