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  • maxilivermore maxilivermore Jan 5, 2014 6:46 AM Flag

    Valuations....IFON undervalued!

    When watching the market and searching for more players in the techno markets you see a huge valuation difference with IFON. For example take NTEK is an OTCBB with a valuation of 71 million with no real income untill now. Its all based on expectations. OR take MHH which makes around 2 million this year , 6 million book value and its valued at 60 million market cap. These are just 2 examples i found in a quick search. There are allot more. As soon as IFON reports a nice Q4 income we should see the same valuations at least which would mean a stockprice of 4-5 dollars as ANA 4444 mentioned in another post.

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    • I agree something is odd here I just hope Ram is not about to siit the bed. It has started to move but it should move faster now usually after 2 quarters like they have posted after the turnaround they get revalued. It could take another report but my experience says it will not and this should see 3-5 soon and the days of trading around book value will soon be over.

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      • Ana,
        How many times are you going to keep referring to hoping Ram doesn't do something to hurt shareholders?? I know I've read that remark from you 5 times, at least! Each time, I've asked you what you are talking about and what you know that makes you concerned. Not once have you answered my question. I would appreciate you explaining your statement this time. TIA.

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