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  • anabolic44444 anabolic44444 Feb 15, 2014 9:42 PM Flag

    IM stock is explodded on the report

    is is up 10% Friday. Also of note was their biggest growth was in Latin America. This is IFONs largest market. I think you will see some very big numbers from IFON on this report. IM os also looking strong here as well.

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    • This is very bullish for Ifon upcoming report and I expect .03-.05 profit with IM sales reported in mid May stock price should double from here

    • I read IM's report carefully. This may actually be of consequence relative to how IFON's business went during its 4th fiscal quarter. One could ponder whether IM's significant growth in Latin America is negative for IFON if IM is taking market share.....alternatively, one can ponder that Latin America is picking up steam and it's a win-win all the way around right now. I'm inclined to favor the latter.

      I went to the last quarter (the 3rd fiscal quarter) 10Q and noted that the most significant year over year growth for IFON occurred in Latin America. YOY sales went from 1.075M to 2.195M. This represents 104% growth in Latin American sales. Also, the sequential move for Latin America was from 1.545M to 2.195M.....a 42% sequential move. Finally, the 2.195M relative to the quarterly overall revenue of 9.867M shows that over 22% of the total revenue came from Latin America, as IFON breaks things out. All regions showed YOY growth except EMEA and APAC, which each contribute a miniscule relative level of sales.

      If you dig deeper, when you incorporate the breakdown per IFON's 10q of Latin America and South find that sales last quarter were 6.059M in the region, a 105% jump YOY.

      Latin/South America contributed over 61% of IFON sales last quarter, with most of the remainder coming from Central America.

      So, could the IM report bode good things? IMO, it could. IM may have hooked up with IFON seeing that what it is doing in the Latin American region of the world may spell renewal in U.S. markets.

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      • Hopeful,
        You detailed US base sales to Latin America but I think it's relevant to include sales within Latin American countries, which adds Mexico, Central America, and South America to those numbers. These numbers shows IFON Latin American sales to be 96% of total revenues with a yoy increase of 100% in Q3 and a sequential increase of 20%.

        The tab-delimited text below is in a jumbled format, but it can be cut and pasted into any spreadsheet for clarity:

        9/30/2013 6/30/2013 3/31/2013 12/31/2012 9/30/2012 6/30/2012 3/31/2012
        Central America 2,600 3960 4,914 -6,228 1,636 2409 2,183
        South America 3,864 2159 1,196 -7,925 1,883 2003 4,039
        Mexico 803 228 106 -1,647 78 493 1,076
        U.S.-based to Latin America 2,195 1545 1,450 -4,859 1,075 2093 1,691
        United States 67 424 151 -118 41 77 0
        Europe, Middle East and Africa 202 14 2 -4,636 507 952 3,177
        Asia Pacific 136 12 0 -429 153 84 192

        total sales 9,867 8,342 7,819 -25,842 5,373 8,111 12,358
        latin american sales 9,462 7,892 7,666 -20,659 4,672 6,998 8,989
        percent latin american sales 96% 95% 98% 80% 87% 86% 73%

      • this is the reason why i expect 13-15 million in revenue for Q4. There is a trend which shows us sales in South america are increasing rapidly and in Central America i am betting on again a huge upswing in revenue like they did from Q3 to Q4 in 2012.

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