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    • VRTS is a leader in storage software management, a segment which is estimated to grow at 17% for the next six years, and after at 10 percent well into the next decade.

      VRTS sales are estimated to grow at an annualized rate of 15 percent for the next ten years. Its EPS should follow suit, say growing at a compound 10-12 %. The eps this year is currently estimated at .88 to .90 cents, and 1.00 to 1.10 next year (05). The sector that VRTS is in has a historical PE of 25.
      Research shows that in High Tech historical PE's seem to hold true for long periods of time, and I see this applying for enterprise software which VRTS plays in.

      I bought VRTS after the break, and as an intermediate term investor ( 1-3 years) I could not be happier to have entered this position. This price wont last long, as over time VRTS will again be priced with a 25 pe. Do I know the exact week that will happen, NO, nobody does, But Im not a daytrader, so I will hold and let the stock take care of itself.

      The vast majority of Wall Street firms have a Buy on this stick, the stock today is deeply oversold as a result of revising prior year revenue recogniton, and being hit with a slowdown in contract signing the last two weeks of June. ( which we will see made up for in Q3/4) The stock is down over 50% year to date.

      VRTS is a double from here.

      Invest in the stock , dont trade it, your not that smart, trust me.

      VRTS will make you wealthy,,,

      been doing this over 30 years. I know a winner when i see one, and VRTS is a beauty.

      Bud Fox