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  • zrmr_5 zrmr_5 Jun 13, 2005 11:05 PM Flag


    Glad you are back partner. You are just what this board needs.

    The big dogs had backed out and were slowly coming back in. I hope you don't spook them again.

    Mesoy is still in the back corner of the dog house. When we offered him the agreement he disappeared. He is the Googlist. He had some of them quiting their jobs. That is dangerous.

    Tomorrow or Wednesday reality will be in full view. I thought it might happen today but it didn't. It might have started in after hours. I have never shorted a stock but might tomorrow.

    Hang around a few days. We enjoy you insight.

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    • Please stop!!!!
      You scare me like Crimson (The DEVIL). Get thee in back of me SATAN. You have no power or dominion over me. Cursed are your words. You will be devoured (around 2pm tomorow).

      You guys are pretty cool. I'd hate to lose you after tomorrow, or possibly the next day, but that seems to be the pattern for non-conforming viewpoints.

    • hi zmr, glad to be a part of this discussion. I still don't get why some on this board get so hostile when I try to present alternative views that may not agree with their hypster mentality. i know that others here like yourself and some of the lurkers do appreciate a meaningful discussion about the company, rather than one line posts about how much this company is going up in the next week.

      After Mesoy's attack to me earlier, I haven't seen him back. But I still welcome him to join in, since he is respected here on this board and is perceived to be very knowledgeble. If some people actually quit their jobs to sit in front of the computer and invest in this stock, I would be very, very afraid.

      Tomorrow, Wednesday, and THursday will be extremely interesting. As I mentioned just now, many people have completely lost all risk associated with this comapany AT THESE LEVELS. At $4, the stock is a buy. But at $13+ and sporting a $1 BILLION marketcap, a rational investor has to seriously think whether valuations warrant such a high price.

      I look forward to the rollercoaster this week will bring--whether it be up or down.

      I'll pull up the financials in a sec so we can take a look at what's underneath the hood.

    • sperfboy_the_netranger sperfboy_the_netranger Jun 13, 2005 11:07 PM Flag

      Hey Mom and Pop, do you think it's possible that zrmr and crimsoncash are the same person? They do seem to spend a lot of time licking each other's ... well.. I best not say it. ;)