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  • ericvondr1 ericvondr1 Nov 25, 2005 11:23 PM Flag

    like that moron who said 10.5-11.5

    those people should just get off the board...if the stock didn't drop today on that is not going down with no more news coming out next week before the ipo

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    • remember, without those "morons" you and i could not make money. as frustrating as they are, you need THEIR loss to make YOUR gain. you certainly couldn't get any cheap shares from the likes of t-bird, mesoy, chen, myself or any of the other so called long "bagholders" on this board. "morons" do serve a very usefull purpose; to help the rest of us make a lot of money. lord knows we paid our dues over the past few years and certainly earned it. that is why the "ignore button" is so valuable; getting rid of those idiots helps keep you focused AND sane. as mr. spock would say, "may you live long and prosper". ski