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  • sunfundasst sunfundasst Feb 14, 2003 5:59 PM Flag

    Mr. tilyou1

    I have seen your messages over a long period.

    I have some holdings of MDTL. Every few weeks I check out the board. There you are saying unpleasant things about the company. Your laguage and style are interesting. I surmise you are an attorney. I think someone told me that.

    Assume that the data you provide and have been providing for a long time is true. Possibly the conclusions which follow the data you provide are correct.

    I cannot understand why you pursue giving out this same data repetitiously and for a long time?

    1. Are you a short investor or providing a service to a short investor?

    2. Have you been injured by this or a similar company and you desire to enlighten and protect others?

    3. Is this a hobby?

    4. If you do it to be a good citizen, why not go to the SEC or the NY Attorney General? Have you done so?

    5. Why does MDTL refrain from suing you for libel? You can be located.I concede that maybe your conclusions are correct and they fear they will be ruined.

    6. What makes you continue with the same themes about the same company's alleged misdeeds month after month? Is it an obsession?

    7. Why do I continue keeping my investment? Some of the shareholders appear to be knowledgable and trustworthy. The company's claims for performance have been examined by skilled people whose identities are respectable. They seem satisfied there is no scam.

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    • MDTL doesn't sue Tilyou for libel because
      most corporations ignore message boards as completely irrelevant, and Corporations are not afforded the same libel protections as individuals. In short, it is perfectly legal for Tilyou to cut, pastes, skew, exagerate, and outright lie to his heart's content, just as I can freely proclaim that Microsoft sucks and Internet Explorer is a scam.

      It's painfully (to us readers) obvious from the quantity and venom of his posts that he's obsessed, and becoming more frantically obsessed all the time. I don't know whether the obsession is financially or psychotically motivated, but he insists it's not financial.

      • 2 Replies to mitphdee
      • Mitph'ol boy, you've got opinions about the law. Charming. Now let's see you analyze this.

        As in all my posts there's some new information here, so remember to read carefully.

        - Charles

        What happened to the Sagem deal?

        Why doesn't MDTL explain what went wrong with its "specific milestones" that were supposed to lead to production years ago?

        Why does MDTL's website still contain references to the Sagem partnership which David tells us is "moribund"?

        Why does David know the Sagem partnership is moribund if ordinary shareholders do not?

        Who's walking on thin ice here -- Tilyou, who gives the basis for his views?

        Or MDTL?

        Connect the d.o.t.s....

        =================================== _9_1.doc?forms/national

        [A public company has the duties to.....]

        Remove or update all web content as it becomes inaccurate or misleading, and prominently date all disclosure items so the reader can see how current they are.

        Companies have a duty to correct statements that are inaccurate when made. However, courts have recently held that companies should also correct statements that were true when made but which have become misleading if left unrevised. The SEC has stated that electronic communications must be updated in the same manner as traditional paper-based communications. (SEC Electronic Media Release, at n.20.) A company may have even a greater duty to remove or update information on a website because the materials are effectively "newly disseminated" every time a page is accessed.

        If a company truly wants to take the risk of distributing analyst reports via the Internet, it should include a prominent disclaimer that it does not endorse statements made in the report, and it should not selectively distribute only favorable reports.

        Don't post forward-looking statements on your website.

        Although forward-looking statements are not "facts" for the purposes of disclosure, and the SEC encourages such projections in general, posting them on a website can create unique risks. A company has a duty to update a projection if it becomes untrue. Because web pages are effectively newly disseminated each time they are accessed, it is especially critical to update on-line forward-looking statements. On a large website, it is easy to miss material that should be updated, and timely updates may be difficult.

        an issuer's failure to make a public disclosure still may give rise to liability under a "duty to correct" or "duty to update" theory in certain circumstances.88

        88 See generally Backman v. Polaroid Corp., 910 F.2d 10 (1st Cir. 1990) (en banc); In re Phillips Petroleum Sec. Litig., 881 F.2d 1236 (3d Cir. 1989).

      • An example:

        Tilyou himself admits that he is brain damaged!

        Posted by tilyou1 on January 02,
        "the spookiest Apnea subject is brain damage"
        - Charles


        Now imagine if I reposted variants of the above a few times a day, every day, for months, rewording it slightly each time.

        Now, Tilyou, do YOU get it? This is EXACTLY what you do: Cut & paste out of context quotes, and then draw exaggerated and false conclusions.

        I often check out the links you provide, and they are almost always far less damaging than you make them out to be. Just like the above example.

        The fact that you are clearly obsessed matters because it ruins your credibility.

    • > this same data repetitiously

      Every post contains new information, or contains old information selected and arranged to make a new point. May I sugggest you read more carefully? In that way lies enlightenment.

      > Are you a short investor or providing a service to a short investor?

      Never been short on any stock.

      > 7. Why do I continue keeping my investment?

      I could care less. I make no predictions about MDLT's price, except to express the view that whatever one person says on an Internet chat board is irrelevant. If the bag of air that is MDTL can be above a penny it can be above $100.

      > 4. If you do it to be a good citizen, why not go to the SEC or the NY Attorney General? Have you done so?

      And you expect me to reveal the answer HERE??? :)

      > 2. Have you been injured
      > 3. Is this a hobby?
      > 5. Why does MDTL refrain from suing you for libel?
      > 6. What makes you continue with the same themes about the same

      Tilyou is irrelevant. I may be some do-gooder with a cute girl friend from WuHan (a city in Central China) who will have diner at Franks tonight (a steak restuarant in lower Manhattan) or I could be a crank low on Lithium who types while shackled. It doesn't matter -- all I'm doing is expressing opinions (see "First Amendment" for more info) and I give the basis for my opinions so you can come to your own conclusionS.

      Take the cancer scam: I presented statements where MDTL claims really to be selling cellscan and others where MDTL claims it is valuable in cancer detection and cancer treatment. Then I invite you to measure that against two things: the fact of NO REVENUE after 10+ years, and CEO Lifton saying this:

      "So we started with the cell scan with breast cancer and
      we worked on that for a number of years with a lot of
      problems... a very, very difficult process... and as we were going forward
      it was clear that it was gonna be a longer process than I had
      thought originally. And so the choice then was either to throw
      up your hands or to figure out other things to do..."

      Ah ha! So the much hyped cancer treatment machine for which revenues of $100 million in 5 years was predicted doesn't actually work! So what does that mean about MDTL, whose webpage STILL gives the impression that CellSCan is a real product that actually does something? ("completing the development of the new CellScan... in order to develop improved blood tests for breast and prostate cancer and TB") (HOW CAN IT BE "IMPROVED" IF IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY WORK!!!!).

      I dislike companies that lie to shareholders, and dislike companies whose lies that affect cancer patients even less.

      - Charles


      Lifton: "the choice was to throw up our hands...."
      Medis-El... their objective is to top $100 million in sales within the next five years. To date, 5 Cell Scans have been sold, and they have the capacity to build 2 units per month