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  • cresmar cresmar Apr 3, 2004 8:50 AM Flag


    What this man all about?

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    • Tilly, why doesn't it say anywhere in your profile, "Writing long extranous msg's on the MDTL msg board about why the company is doomed." You commit so much time to it, you'd be lying if you didn't put it down as a hobby.

    • Thanks for demolishing Tilly. Your fact filled post really destroyed his posts fact for fact. I really liked it how you laid wast to his posts showing how he was incorrect. Your technical expertise is only exceeded by your business skills.

      Facts are uncomfortable things

    • good ol' Tilly the 'spinmeister'.

      Spin in your case is simply wishful thinking.

      Keep up the good work charLIE.

      We're counting on your daily posts!

    • MDTL's business model, a good question

      Answer: there is no business model. There is only expedient hype.

      When I started here, MDTL explained away all problems and deficiencies by claiming a partner or licensee would handle them. This was one of many times that Redstone called me an "idiot" for not understanding the brilliance of MDTL's "licensing model". I pointed out that if MDTL really had anything worthwhile, it would not have done a world-tour with not ready for prime time technology. Dear Redstone answered:

      "You simply don't know what you are talking about. Medis's plan is to license the
      fuel cell's core chemistry (Medis's strong suit - Medis's FC subsidiary is a
      MATERIALS company), then have the licensees do the packaging (the licensees'
      strong suit - appropriate licensees will have strong PACKAGING/productization
      expertise), manufacturing and distribution. NOW do you understand the
      significance of the meetings? Your implication that Medis has nothing to sell
      until it has a final production prototype is nonsense."

      Time, of course, has proved ol' Tilyou correct:

      MDTL has no partner willing to share with development, cartridge design, or regulatory approvel (compare MKTY, for whom Gillette is providing all 3).


      So now MDTL is going to have to pay to pretend to get its fantasy on the road: and suddenly the licensing talk disappears.


      Manufacture; partner; manufacture... each step a response to failure, a cover job... and Redstone celebrates each move as though the past didn't exist, tippy-toeing from triumph-to-triumph until (2 years from now) MDTL joins the ash-heap of scams: Lifton a dime-store Barnum, and Redstone his handpuppet.

      - Charles


      Message 36 on Ragingbull MDTL board 31 Jul 2000, 10:48 PM EDT
      H2FC: How will Medis DMFCs be refueled?
      Lifton: We will ship the electrolyte to distributors as a powder. They will mix the electrolyte with water and methanol, load the mixture into cartridges, and distribute cartridges directly to consumers.
      DWV, 98-10-02: Very small fuel cells which can supply a cellular phone with energy for at least 400 h will be marketed by a subsidiary of the Israeli company Medis El Ltd.
      Medis Technologies Ltd. expects to receive more than $5 million in equity funding that will be used to build a clean energy pilot plant in Israel. The plant will produce direct methanol fuel cells and highly electrically conductive polymers.
      Medis-El... objective is to top $100 million in sales within the next five years. To date, 5 Cell Scans have been sold, and they have the capacity to build 2 units per month.

      MDTL Letter to Shareholders 6_27_2001
      we are on course in our plans to manufacture and market highly electrically conductive polymers. We expect our pilot plant to reach operational readiness in October of this year and to be producing and selling polymers starting at the end of this year.
      MEDIS EL Ltd... said in a statement that it would devote this technology to ***make*** the fuel cells for cellular phones, computers and paging devices. The company bought the technology from two Israeli scientists in return for a 30% stake in Medis's planned unit that would be devoted to **making** the fuel cells.

    • Thank you for your insight and fact filled post. I continue to be incredibly impressed with the technical expertise and well documented posts that MDTL longs are able make to support their positions.

      Is there any MDTL supporter on this board who can actually post facts about the merits of the MDTL Technology or business model?

    • You cementhead, that something is 'moribund' takes no inside knowledge - it is self-evident.

      Stop stretching - it is offensive.

    • Dutch,

      You are starting to bore me.

      So I read Tilly's post, again. More rehash of the same old hash. Don't you get tired of eating reheated hash?

      I didn't see anything new there.
      Yes, Tilly did respond to a message that is now no longer there. What sinister motive do you want me to attribute to that?
      You still haven't told me how I can delete messages. I want to go back an delete this entire thread.

      What is it that you were all excited about?

    • "Can you not see that people responded to his erased post?"

      Sorry Dutch, I can't be bothered to keep a list of message numbers and the ID who posted them incase one gets erased.

      I don't read the board ever 15 minutes.

      I don't know what Redstone may have said that you disagree with and I don't have the anal-retentivness of a tilly to search back through responses that may have been about that post to try to figure it out.

      It just isn't a windmill I'm willing to tilt at.

      I'm happy that you have the time and energy to do so.

      Best Wishes, Dermanique

    • You wrote, "Or should I tell the good folks why you really post at these compaines."

      Please tell. I can't figure out what makes you tick.


    • Dear Enzyphonyman,
      Who said I lost on TNCX, GTLL or USWC. I got in early. You're always making up bullshit, just like your advice.
      The point I'm trying to make, but you're too damn stupid to see is right here in your 2 quotes "I lost a lot of money. My friends lost a lot of money. (My boss lost $11K!) But only you, who haas designated himself an arm of the "SEC-Law" still moans and groans. Get out of the stock market if you can't stand to lose. and "But I don't do that anymore because of those like you who blame everybody else for their errors." I never said shit to you about my investments. And when others tried to warn you, you called them liars and names.
      Re-read you post to me again Phonyman, and than read mine. More hot air BS about something I never said or asked about.
      Yet when someone asks a direct question, you skate around it and start calling them names. Do you ever answer a direst question?
      Enzy, when are you going to grow up, tell the truth and tell us what your real AGENDA is for being here and TNCX, GTLL and USWC. Or should I tell the good folks why you really post at these compaines. SHALOM brother.
      There's more to Medis then fuel cells, which all you hens miss.
      ENZYMAN is still a _ _ _ _ !

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