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  • sunfundasst sunfundasst Apr 3, 2004 2:25 PM Flag


    Redstone is a lawyer who has serious and extensive interest in fuel cells. He has created a news letter which has the best most comprehensive data concerning fuel cells. In my opinion it is the best such newsletter.There is a charge for the service. I am a subscriber. It is now, I believe, his sole enterprise.

    Redstone believes that Medis has a good product.

    I do not know if he is right or wrong. I believe that he tries to be objective.

    Possibly because of the many challenges to his opinion of Medis, one might consider him as defensive on this subject.

    At one time, I raised a question to Redstone about Medis. His response was angry. He said that I should know the answer to the question because of my serious commercial interest in fuel cells.I did not know the answer and he did not help. I was somewhat offended.

    If his response to others is also angry rather than explanatory then there may be some hostility from the board.

    Redstone is repeatedly attacked, with much repetive material, on this board, particularly by Tillyou (SP)

    Anger or no. He has a good site concerning fuel cells.

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    • > I believe that he tries to be objective.

      1. Why did Redstone say Sagem was a big deal when Lifton said it was a big deal, and said it was no big deal when it had become (to use Redstone's words) "moribund"?

      2. Why did Redstone say the ICP announcement in August 2003 was a big deal when MDTL said it was a big deal, but he didn't report MDTL's prospective ICP customer canceling its deal with MDTL early, and MDTL shutting down the pilot manufacturing facility for ICPs soon after?

      3. Why did Redstone claim that MDTL's repeated world tours showcasing its technology were a big deal, and then not acknowledge (1) they failed: no partner willing to invest in MDTL or take over manufacturing; and (2) this failure says something important about MDTL's crap phony leaking technology.

      4. How could Redstone say (1) the MKTY / Gillette was nothing, at most a PR move, (2) but the MDTL / Kensington deal is great, when the MKTY / Gillette deal provides money, help with regulatory approval and help with cartridge design and Kensington provides NONE of those things -- provides nothing at all, except a promise to distribute if MDTL ever creates anything which meets specs which aren't completed?

      5. How can Redstone frequently claim MDTL is "ready now" -- ready to sell to the Pentagon (YEARS ago, see below), ready to put on the market... and then not admit MDTL's greatest and most recent failure: for the first time in 4 years, MDTL now doesn't even have a fantasized date for a civilian refill version (you know the one for which manufacturing was promised "next year" for 4 years in a row)?

      I could go on. This only scratches the surface. It's not even the funniest stuff (Redstone repeatedly claiming he's "never seen MDTL fail"; or claiming the orientation issue is "trivial" when we know now MDTL gave up on orientation, and hopes now only to get a disposable product that will work "on its sides". It doesn't even touch how deeply Redstone is in bed with MDTL -- and what the consequences of that may be.

      Whatever Redstone is, he is not "objective".

      I could go on.

      I will.

      Come' on Redstone, call me an idiot again. You like telling people who disagree with you to ":take their meds". You notice you didn't shut up Zen_Mind with that rudeness either.

      One day you may meet someone who is as crazy as you claim they are.

      - Charles

      David Redstone 2504 11/17/01
      Q to David: And what had happened to the joint (with GD) presentation at the
      Pentagon? Was it cancelled?"

      [David answered]
      It took place as scheduled. You can't expect instant deals. The military is the
      customer, not the manufacturer. MDTL (like other "incubators") has the difficult
      job of getting a customer and a manufacturer to all agree on prices. It's a
      three party negotiation that takes experience, perserverance and time. I remain
      completely confident that Medis can do it.

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