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  • xlord56735673 xlord56735673 Jan 19, 2014 5:29 AM Flag

    Real TRTC, and MJ companies discussion

    Ok, well I see no reason to get into the arguments such as those on this site already about the MJ related companies. I am a real investor with real experience.

    Take what I say or don't. Your choice.

    TRTR, PHOT, CBIS.. and other companies like it in the MJ and MJ associated product line business all received a nice jump in share price. Temporarily. This was due to news coverage, government actions, as well as state actions that were widely televised. As well as people assisting the share price with there own pump and dump scams. Now these companies are real companies. There are however start up companies and cannot expect to have a share price to rival Microsoft at this time. The large uptick in price for all MJ related companies is now over and the prices will steadily fall to previous levels or slightly higher. This is however not a bad thing, while these companies financial statements are not the best in the world, again they are start ups and cannot be expected to be at this time. If you chose to hold stock in these companies I would advise buying in a few weeks when the price has dropped. By this time the share price will have evened out and my advise would be to buy the shares and hold until the next new on such MJ companies causes prices to rise again. Sell once you have made a decent profit and wait for price to drop again. Which it will. At which point you can buy shares again.

    Buy low sell high. Thats investing....And there will always be risk

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