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  • onkelsomebody onkelsomebody Jun 24, 2014 6:59 AM Flag

    TRTC - Scam- Scam- Scam !!


    Terra Tech Corp. & Edible Garden Corp. - USA . ( Ticker : TRTC )

    Revenues dropping Q over Q and Gross Earning Margin to 0,37 % only now,
    where by PR introduced declared 10 % as the minimum and came at 2014
    Q1 with a Quarterly Net Loss $ 4,9 Mn ( Piggy-Bank ) where the complete
    2013 did have a record Loss of $ 6,1 Mn !
    This according its SEC Filings as reporting Company see at Link here :

    2013 :
    Q3 Revenue $ 773 K
    Q4 Revenue $ 621 K
    2014 :
    Q1 Revenue $ 560 K ( Instead using the usual Q over Q calculation as any
    normal New Starter Company apply to observe its progress for any handling
    „Just In Time“, the poor TRTC Q result instead get compared by the year ago
    poorest ever 2013 Q1 result of $ 66 K only, the Q just before bankruptcy if
    not created the Faked Fraud Merger with the Vande Vrede. For by Mathematic
    Gimmick to declare a 700 % Increase. To Fool The Stupid Investors grabbing-
    on to Anything, TRTC after its experiences know as to be the Big Majority ! )
    But Regrettably More Scam When Check TRTC Derek‘s Guidance below :
    reuters.cox/article/2014/05/15/idUSnGNX4Tq9D5+1d2+GNW20140515 ( at .cox replace x by m to work )

    TRTC 2014 Faked Revenue Guidance of $ 7 Mn only :

    Q1 Revenue $ 0,56 Mn ( As Provided by Cost of Goods Sold $ 558,229 =
    Earning $ 2090 only, as Gross Earning Margin or Commission of 0,37 %
    only confirmed as the situation now to be ! At TRTC‘s Vande Vredes, Etc.,
    Growing Contracts is Up-To 10 % written and 0,37 % is not Zero % !
    Where principally even the TRTC PRs promised 10 % is Poor, but not
    even to that they keep-up too.
    The Standard Stock Valuation Therefore Resulting To :
    Annual Revenue $ 7 Mn / 0,37 % = Earning $ 25,900 divide by 266 Mn
    Stocks = EPS $ 0,000097 by PE-Ratio 40x = $ 0,00389 As Stock Price !!

    Q2 Revenue $ 3,5 Mn
    Q3 Revenue $ 1,5 Mn
    Q4 Revenue $ 1,5 Mn

    Confirms Scam Cooking The Books only for somehow to reconfirm
    Derek‘s very poor 2014 Annual Guidance Revenue of $ 7 Mn only,
    instead by claimed 58- Growing Acres at least $ 58 Mn Revenue !
    As well known for any All Year Around Hydroponic Productions in
    Heated Greenhouses its impossible to have any 6,25x Fluctuations
    in the Production, also because that‘s the technological advantage
    it offers and Heated Greenhouses have its High Season at Q4 and
    Q1 especially where they cannot even produce enough, because of
    continuous Demand at the Colder Climates generally very Reduced
    Cultivations if any. This is the proof of Scam Cooking The Books !

    Under this TRTC poor 0,37 % or lower Gross Earning Margin, they
    just sit on the tables or by phone and decide the Faked Revenues
    for TRTC Edible Garden. Its really time the SEC Stop this as it will !

    TRTC SEC 10-Q came up with even reduced Revenue of $ 560 K,
    but then not enough with also Gross Earning Margin 0,37 % only,
    where by its PR introduced declared 10 % is the minimum and
    2014 Q1 quarterly Net Loss of $ 4,9 Mn ( For Piggy- Bank )
    where its complete 2013 did have a record Loss $ 6,1 Mn !

    As informed, the Reduced Gross Earning Margin of 0,37 % also
    caused by Bribery- or Special Discounted- Sales to potential Stores,
    for them accepting TRTC Edible Garden Products which Customers
    declared as Tasteless !
    A Business Praxis and the Tasteless, such Companies as Walmart
    or BJ’s, Etc. do never accept. This as beside of Derek‘s Records
    and therefore also just decided „No Deal with TRTC“ !!

    Here Some Additional Scam As Endless :
    As Supplied Customers they claimed over a year ago 280 Stores and
    then 400 Stores during 2013 and now from one Moment to another
    600+ Stores. But the Reality when speak with Store Managers and
    Store Owners is totally different. For example BJ‘s Contract Failed
    and Other Contracts also In Question, not only by Derek‘s Records
    but also Its Business Praxis !!
    To increase Supply, they apply the Old Known Trick of Transporting
    Goods at Air- Conditioned Freezing- Point Temperatures, to keep it
    Fresh as Locally Grown as they call it. But everybody himself knows
    if for example buy Roses and within 3 Days see hanging down Flower-
    Heads and the nice Red- Leafs turn Black, it just again confirms wasted
    money to tricking Shops and if the Roses even after a week still look
    nice just means did Buy at the Right Shop not using Freezing- Tricks !
    At Vegetable & Herbs it’s the same as by Flowers as Plants, but TRTC
    by its Business Praxis don‘t care and is Using the Freezing- Trick as
    they like Tricks not only to Fool Investors and the Stores get the
    Goods they look nice when supplied and PAY, but within 3 Days after
    in the Stores Shelves, the nice Edible Garden Products lose its freshness
    look, the colors change and just dry-out as not possible to sell anymore.
    By this as by TRTC Derek Swindler, they believe to increase Demand and
    Order- Volumes, but did need to replaced complete huge Store Orders,
    but the Store Owners as Abused do not place further Orders by the
    Killed TRTC & Edible Garden Reputation and by Internet or Emails
    warning others in the Field.
    Here at below Link some other just reconfirming Derek Swindler Big- Bud
    Sales Behavior, also just reconfirming „Never Do Business With Crooks“ :
    rollitup.orx/t/growop-technologies-ltd-buyer-beware.413535/ ( at .orx replace x by g to work )

    There Good Reasons, Why Any Good Companies Do Not Deal With !

    Sorry for the Reality as not provided by Derek Swindler TRTC PRs
    effectively only doing Business by its Stock Dilutions for Investors.

    This To Be Safe !

    PS :
    About Amy keep in mind, she does nothing without prior Derek advice.


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