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  • genedocteur61 genedocteur61 Aug 8, 2002 4:28 PM Flag

    Reason for the drop?

    And we all know what goes on in sessions with analysts and the CEO now don't we? Iamthegreatest knows not of what he speaks. He may have a medical degree but that does not in and of itself confer any special knowledge about Corixa. Every time someone with an opinion expresses such he or she is assaulted by this supposed expert. His/her identity as iamthegreatest tells you much about the incredible ego of this person and the posts confirm lack of insight into this company. I post to share my opinion and associated knowledge with others as I have followed this company for a long time and have a solid insight into the products and the technology and their relevance in comparision with other competitive approaches. If you don't care to hear what or others say you have free choice. But please deal with facts and cease the name calling.