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  • gravitywave007 gravitywave007 Jan 15, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    Is LSI vulnerable to the NPML patents from CM, like Marvell?

    Given the size of the award to Marvell recently, it seems likely that CM will have resources to pursue similar claims within the industry. Is there some reason that LSI would be be free of similar claims? NPML technology is pretty standardized, so maybe LSI has already licensed its use?

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    • Well, as Marvell argued, Seagate and LSI were already using noise-predictive modeling some 14 months prior to CMU's patent and thus the CMU professors shouldn't have been allowed to patent something that wasn't new. But this case was over the CMU professors' particular published method for implementing such modeling, from which there is little doubt Marvell did in fact borrow when creating their own controllers. Rather Marvell had to argue the patent did not cover any/all physical implementations of the published methodology. Seagate and LSI would appear to be in the clear on this one.