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  • May I rant? the stock market is up and LSI is down as usual. The only people making money are the management who get their free stock then turn around and sell. My only consolation is that they keep getting less money. This management deserves to be on Cramer's wall of shame and so do I for holding this stock for 10 years. LSI you make me want to puke and shove management's face in the stuff. Carl Ichan forget Michael Dell and come help this turkey.

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    • This stock and its CEO make a mockery of the shareholders. Since CEO took over the stock tracks the SP500 at best but is 60% below the NASDAQ index which is tech laden. Despite a meteoric rise in all 3 major indices, this stock has been basically flat. Need Carl Icahn to shake things up. The shareholder complacency of CEO performance is stunning. As far as potential, CEO has been citing the next quarter forever! Are there any studies out there that reveal longevity of CEO versus flat stock performance. I am willing to bet 8 years is unprecedented.

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      • Mr. Abhijit Y. Talwalkar, Abhi, has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of LSI Corporation since May 23, 2005.

        On May 23, 2005, the stock closed at $6.13. Abhi's appointment was optimistically received, and the stock started a steep upward move. By May 27, 2005 the stock price was at $6.9 and rising, peaking at $10.48 on July 1, 2005. Once Abhi acquired Agere Systems and greatly diluted the shares, the stock started its slide never to be in the teens since.

    • And you forgot....our good friends at Value Line keep rating LSI as one of their top "greatest potential for appreciation"....year after year. Potential......