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  • jimmyjay696 jimmyjay696 Apr 30, 2013 6:14 AM Flag

    To the Board of Directors

    8 years of the Taltalker is enough! At the upcoming BOD meeting/Annual meeting get rid of him. $6 million a year and all he has done is line his pockets. In those 8 years Dow up 41% plus dividends, this POS dead money. I'm tired of hearing how "excited" he is. Make me excited and get rid of his sorry butt!

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    • Talawlkar is no visionary. He was recruited to stabilize LSI. At that he has succeeded but at a high price. His Agere acquisition was disastrous to the share holders. He vastly overpaid for a declining company. He diluted the LSI share count and encumbered the balance sheet with penaion liabilities. The revenues of both LSI and Agere collapsed and are yet to recover to premerger level. The share price has not recovered and allowing for inflation, the share price now is actually lower than when Talwalkar became CEO. Talwalkar justification of the acquisition of Agere was getting manpower talent for the long haul. A long haul it has been. The tangible book value of LSI per share is less than $1, well below it was when Talwalkar came on board. Stock- based compensation has become a permanent high expense that should be included in the non-GAAP earnings. The company is overly dependent on the HDD business, and the communication side of the business has been a laggard. That is the reality. IMO, it is indeed a time for a new CEO to take LSI to new business lines. The BOD is equally to be blamed and it should also be refreshed.