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  • pEE555 pEE555 Feb 11, 1998 9:57 AM Flag

    30 slipping away

    Thanks to the badman from ML,it doesnt look like LSI is going to hit 30 very soon. That 27 level seems to be starting to look like it could become a resistance point. The stock could trade between 24to27 untill some good news or a upgrade comes fourth from the badman Mr. K. Does anyone see some positive developments???

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    • Really enjoyed the article (all six parts). Portrayed Kurlak as the grandstander that he is. Much more interested in flexing
      his ego by moving the sector up or down than doing serious analysis. Unfortunately he seems to have his peers, the buy-siders,
      and companies either hoodwinked, in fear, or in awe. No one wants to take him on. Mark Edelstone came across as a much more
      sincere, likeable, and believeable figure. Where does he stand on LSI and the chip sector now? If this sector could run away from
      Kurlak on an Edelstone upgrade, Kurlak's credibiliy could be irretriev-
      ably damaged. Wall Street loves to bring these guys up to almost god-like status, but it loves even better bringing them back down to earth. Hard! Especially grandstanders!

    • Hey Peter,

      Thanks for the was great reading.

      DOW 10,000

    • Looks like LSI will have to tread water for a while, have to admit I bailed but will probably be in a again when I see some value in the sector. Lsi is still a very good player in the sector.
      Good luck all.