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  • pitbull_dude pitbull_dude Aug 21, 2013 7:28 AM Flag

    Why this stock is support with news and lack of pumps?

    I see this as final stage of buying spree. Those who have bought lower were selling over 30. Then same people sold at the top bought back at one or two points lower(happily lowering buying costs). The problem is it won't go any higher. It's like Casino. It is hard to walk away with initial gains. Heavy selling won't happen at greed, heavy selling will happen at fear. I figure fear happens around 25 sometime this week.

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    • I hope you are right I'm averaged in at 21, holding semi long and would like to add to my position. Thought about selling around 30, but why? I know there has been a huge run up but the company makes sense, if I'm selling widgets across some of the biggest online retailers I want to be able to compete. I can view and adjust on the fly my pricing based off this software, albeit with alot of training. I'm just curious on why you are here? Just because of the run up or do you not believe in the business model, and\or management? if that is the case, why? ...I'm more interested in that argument. Not picking a fight, just curious.

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      • No reason to sell here unless you just want to lock in some gains. The street loves stocks like this; it is a viable company with huge global growth potential, a great business model that is sub based + rev sharing, and provides the street with valuable sales metrics for Amazon, eBay, and e-commerce trends in general.

        Scot Wingo seems like a CEO that knows his business inside and out. This company is in the early stages and despite the run up it is still valued well under 1 billion. And if someone is gonna throw out the argument that it is unprofitable, well that really is not the focus right now. Its all about sales growth and expanding their client base. They are spending to grow and their latest earnings report was exactly what you want to hear from an early stage growth story. Stay long and strong.

        Sentiment: Hold

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