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  • thejokercnh thejokercnh Dec 10, 2009 9:25 AM Flag

    What's Up

    Am I the only one that generates some interesting CNH news - let's hear it from some others of you!

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    • Just some Rumors about CNH Capital (an affiliate of CNH Global)

    • superbowlchampstealers2006 superbowlchampstealers2006 Mar 29, 2010 4:03 PM Flag

      cnh will pay 0.75 div this year

    • Thank-you for the update. Best of luck!

    • Right now its hard to tell as negotiations are in progress and all
      changes day by day. Should know more in the next week.

    • Does that mean the company will ask for give backs?
      Medical pension etc?
      What do you think? It seems to be the trend and may copy auto contracts.


    • The contract is being opened up as of 3/1/2010 a year early with the understanding that if the employees don't accept it by the end of March the Burlington plant will be closed.
      Seems strange that AGCO is doing the exact same thing.
      Makes one wonder if AGCO is on the road to aquire the AG part of CNH

    • Any layoffs at the Racine, wi plant?
      When is the next contract for the union employees?

      Anyone hear anything?

    • What does the national debt have to do with CNH? Well first off, did you ever take any economics classes? Its sort of like this, has something to GNP vrs. debt, when you borrow money you are suppose to pay it back. High debt in Gov. has to be paid back with more and higher taxes. Does it matter what a big long product line you have when most of your customer base is broke.. as in going out of business, no more sales... Actually if a product line isn't packing its weight, the wise thing is to cut the $$ drain. Are you aware of the blood bath out there in the ag and ce areas? Everything evolves around CREDIT and I don't know, in the world that I "try" to function in, creditors don't lend money to someone who has not the ability to pay it back with interest in a timely matter. Most bankers that I know of would rather have the money than a machine in their parking lot. Nothing personal, just business.
      No I haven't had any bad experience with this company, other than making money off of its demise. It's too bad that they are running a good product name down the drain. But in the end I guess we shall see what we shall see. By the way I am only as loyal to a company/product as long as its serving me, as I am sure that it works the other way too. I am sure that if they weren't paying you, you would not go to work for them every day, right???That would be an interesting test of being there cheering them on. But then again I'm just making a guess here.

    • Representing CNH as whole is definetely a plus for Titan. I fear though, that they will struggle in the future. Customers will begin to wonder, which line do they really support and have their heart in. It is the same as a CNH dealer having Kubota. Which is better? Granted, our product line is a lot more similar with one another than Kubota, but in the end they are still different brands. I have been impressed with their ability to service both sides.

      I truly hope that they are a team player with us as well. I worry about their size and influence if they decide to be a more solo team member.

      As for management, I trust that they are doing the best they can. I think the biggest issue at hand with that is, how many of them have worked in a dealership? How many of them have worked in the field for CNH? Meaning, have they experienced the front lines. It puts a whole different perspective to the way you do business if you have.

    • Good talking points cnhrealist, I agree that Joker is right on for the most part and seems to reflect the same impatience and disappointment with current Mgt as do I. Dual and triple branding is my biggest headache/complaint although Volvo is traveling down that same road with JCB and LeeBoy. Titan's success might be due in part to representation of the entire cnh product line, what do you think?

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