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  • airportsedan airportsedan Aug 12, 2010 1:20 PM Flag

    CEU Valuation

    Current TSE: $83 million w/ assuming average annual net income of $25 million for the next 10yrs is going to yield a market cap of $333 million.

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    • When Enron came on the Big Board it was not a sham Company , but yes it became one.We do agree that this Company appears , and I emphasize appears to be on the up and up.My only concern is the profit margin and if it really is what they say , can they keep it at those levels....I doubt it.

    • you're right ..... you've definitely got your right to state your opinion

      however ..... stating, or implying that NYSE designation weeds out "sham" companies is at best, an ill informed opinion and definitely not a fact.

    • Hey Dude,

      Chill out...I have my opinions and you have yours.

    • In case you forgot ...... Enron's auditing firm was the late great Aruthur Anderson

      So paleeeeseeeese ...... don't make it sound like the NYSE credential is the good housekeeping seal of approval for accounting standards because it's not.

      This stock is not trading higher because there is investor doubt not because folks don't know how to value it properly.

      Risk/reward adjusted this stock is trading at $4 ..... should it be higher ...... I wouldn't be here if I didn't think so but save the Pollyannish .... "it would be higher if the market knew about it"

      Brother there are folks a lot smarter than anyone on this board that are not in this stock for some reason.

      The lead steers have not visited CEU yet because of thin float, weird trading patterns and mainly because CEU has not officially arrived ....... their quality of earnings is not there ...... yet.

    • Once again, the market is way up and trades of shares in the thousands puts CEU over 1% up and then someone trades 300 shares and you lose all the gain and it returns to 4.05. Tell me , how does this occur time and time again? Who sells a few hundred shares to let the price slip by more than 1% when the market is rising??? Really, think about it, look at the history, it happens all the time.

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      • Market's up and CEU is down over 1%. It is down over 33% for the year. All this talk about great earnings and the wonderful balance sheet is nonsense. Look at EDU, with its price through the roof and the p/e completely crazy. CEU is the biggest loser of all the chinese educational stocks and yet it has the best financials (on paper). Do you believe this nonsense? What makes anyone think this stock is going to recover? What, besides your undying faith, i there about this stock that makes you believe that an act from God is going to save this junk?

    • Dream on, and put in any number you like LOL

    • what are the chances that CEU gets EDU's valuation someday? a 20X P/E would put CEU at $16/share. 30% growth is worth a 20X P/E no debt, lots of cash throw-off.. JMHO.. stranger things have happened.